Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Consortium Modules

This unique programme is at the heart of the University Consortium’s work. Each Consortium Module offers the chance for an all-expenses paid week of immersive study and inter-university training within one of our UC member institutions. If selected, you’ll represent our network as a Consortium Fellow, benefitting from the full experience of a new academic environment, exposure to different perspectives, participation in our tailored events, opportunities for collaborative projects and dedicated time for new research.

During the Module, each Consortium Fellow travels to the host institution where they are joined by students from three other UC universities, as well as by a Visiting Lecturer from a fourth UC institution. The Consortium Fellows, along with students and faculty from the host institution, participate in short courses and seminars taught by the Visiting Lecturer. In addition, Fellows participate in selected courses, and have the chance to present their current research at our Student Webinar, streamed live across our entire network. The Module week also offers each Consortium Fellow and Visiting Lecturer dedicated time for research and interviews at the host institution and its city.

Any graduate student (advanced Master’s or PhD students) from a Consortium member-university, whose topic relates to Euro-Atlantic issues, has the chance to become a Consortium Fellow. The UC Principal at your member institution welcomes applications.

Annual Conferences

Annual Conferences take place among our six institutions in coordination with the European Leadership Network (ELN) comprised of policy elites, officials or law-makers and think-tank members from all three regions. Those invited include UC Principals, UC Advisors, involved faculty, selected students, post-docs, ELN and local think-tank elites. Our conferences in Moscow (September 2016) and New York (March 2017) have brought together participants from across our network and have inspired further collective cooperation. The 2018 Annual Conference takes place in London in November 9-10th. The UC Principal at your member institution welcomes applications to travel and present at our conferences.

Internal Lectures and Seminar Programmes

The University Consortium is committed to increasing the number of lectures and seminars at each of our member institutions on Euro-Atlantic related issues. These events, benefiting both students and faculty, supplement your university’s regular curriculum in order to support the work being done inside individual institutions, which in turn strengthens the work being done among our entire network.

Joint-Research Grant Programme

Grants are available to fund and facilitate research trips that promote joint – especially inter-regional – research projects (for publication and/or web posting) among any of our members, including UC faculty, advanced graduate or post-doctoral students and policy-elites.