Dr Carol Leonard

Dr Carol Leonard

Carol Leonard
Emeritus Fellow
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Carol Leonard was University Lecturer in Regional Studies of the Post-Communist States. She was elected to an Emeritus Fellowship in October 2011.

She has been a Fellow of St Antony's since January 1997 and was a Visiting Fellow of All Souls College in Michaelmas Term 1996 after spending two years as resident adviser for the US Treasury to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

She received her doctorate in history at Indiana University (Bloomington) and taught Russian history at Lafayette College (Pennsylvania) and then as Professor of History at the State University of New York.

Subsequently, she moved into the field of economic analysis following graduate study of economics at the California Institute of Technology. A former research associate of the Russian Research Centre of Harvard University, Dr Leonard is engaged in research on regional aspects of the transition. She has been a project director and consultant for international donor agency projects on transition issues, including rural poverty, the public sector, and the regional financial sector in Russia and Ukraine.

Dr Leonard's recent projects and publications focused on agrarian reform in transition Russia, the Internet, and general technological advancement in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe.

Publications: Her book publications include Reform and Regicide: The Reign of Peter III of Russia (1993), Agrarian Organization during Industrialization: Europe, Russia and America in the Nineteenth Century (1989), Agrarian Reform in Russia: The Road from Serfdom (2010), and The Microeconomics of Transition (edited volume, forthcoming).