Global Connections – The Antonian Network

St Antony’s Liaison Officers act as a fundamental link between the College and Antonians. Officers for each country/area are the first point of contact for organising local activities and reunions and promoting the College abroad. They are also happy to respond to enquiries either from prospective students who would like to know more about studying at Oxford and life at St Antony’s, or from Antonians travelling abroad and seeking general advice.

Join a regional Antonian group or become a Liaison Officer

If you would be interested in becoming a Liaison Officer for your country, please contact the Development team.

If you would like to connect with the Liaison officer in your area, please fill in this consent form.

Meet our Regional Liaison Officers

Amy Babcock

Matriculation year: 1982

Location: Washington DC Area

Davide Cadeddu

Subject studied: Academic Visitor

Matriculation year: 2002

Location: Italy

Christine Guluzian Coombs

Subject studied: DPhil International Relations

Matriculation year: 2013

Location: Gibraltar

Abdinor Dahir

Subject studied: MSc African Studies

Matriculation year: 2020

Location: Somalia

João Espada

Subject studied: DPhil Social Studies, Politics

Matriculation year: 1990

Location: Portugal

Alan Gamlen

Subject studied: DPhil Geography and the Environment

Matriculation year: 2005

Location: Australia

Sara-Christine Gemson

Subject studied: MPhil Comparative Government

Matriculation year: 2006

Location: Canada

Oleg Giberstein

Subject studied: MPhil International Relations

Matriculation year: 2012

Location: United Kingdom

Mihai Andrei Ionescu

Subject studied: Economics

Matriculation year: 1997

Location: Romania

Steven S K Kwok

Subject studied: MPhil in European Politics & Society/MLitt in Politics

Matriculation year: 1995

Location: Hong Kong

Sang-Yoon Ma

Subject studied: DPhil International Relations

Matriculation year: 1995

Location: South Korea

Kay Makishi

Location: New York Area

Maria Mazzone

Subject studied: MPhil Anthropology

Matriculation year: 1995

Location: Italy

Germano Mendes de Paula

Subject studied: Visiting Research Fellow

Matriculation year: 1998

Location: Brazil