Hilda Besse project

Hilda Besse project

1 May 2019

At the end of Hilary Term 2019 the Governing Body resolved to embark on a major project to renew and enhance the Hilda Besse Building. The work will restore the building to its original glory and create new spaces and features intended by the architects but never quite realised.

We moved out of the building in September into temporary accommodation in the quad. All the spaces in the Hilda Besse Building (our kitchen, dining hall, common rooms, bar, buttery, teaching spaces and facilities) have been lovingly recreated in robust units so that College life can continue as usual through the works.

The project will take 21 months to complete and when we move back into the building there will then be a final stage of landscaping. This will create lawns and gardens to complement each of the buildings and offer us new ways to enjoy the outside as well as the inside of the College.

The plans have received planning permission, and raising funds to complete the project is a major campaign.

We’ve created a section of the website to show the plans, our temporary home, and news of progress.