Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition

St Antony’s College would not exist without the generosity of its benefactors; it was, after all, founded in 1950 as the result of a gift of Antonin Besse. The College recognises its donors in a variety of ways, and involves them in the life of St Antony’s on both a formal and an informal basis.

Sir William Deakin Society

The Deakin Society was founded to recognise and thank those who named St Antony’s in their will. The Society is named in honour of Sir William Deakin, the first Warden of St Antony’s, in honour of the key role he played in turning the College into a centre of excellence and postgraduate teaching, specialising in interdisciplinary area studies. 

Those who inform us that they have made a legacy to St Antony’s will be eligible to become a member of the Deakin Society. Members will be invited to St Antony’s Looks at the World (SALAW), our annual weekend-long event where fellows, donors and friend of the College discuss the great issues affecting the world today.

Leavers’ Society

Members will be those Antonians who make a gift towards the Antonian Fund within two years after their graduation. Membership is retained if a gift is made each year, no matter the size of the gift. All members are recognised in our annual list of donors in the Antonian Newsletter and on the College website.

Warden's Scholarship Society

Members of the Warden's Scholarship Society are those who donate annually £2,000 towards Scholarships at St Antony's College. As such, members will receive a report from the scholarship holder about how the gift has made an impact. A member of the Warden’s Scholarship Society will also be listed as such in the donor roll in the Antonian Newsletter.


A donor is a patron when he/she has made gifts of a total of £15k to £99k. Patrons are listed every year as such in the Antonian Newsletter and will be reported to on the impact of her or his generosity. Patrons will also be invited every year to SALAW.


A Benefactor is a major donor when he/she has made gifts to a total of £100k to £250k. The name of the Benefactor will appear on a donor board and the benefactor will be invited to become a Senior Member of the College. A Benefactor will receive annually a signed book from one of the College’s Fellows and an invitation to SALAW.

Distinguished Friend of St Antony’s College

A Distinguished Friend of St Antony’s College is an individual who gives her/his time, contacts and influence in support of an initiative, and whose impact has been profound, generating a result which would have been impossible to achieve using current available resources. Separate from any financial (philanthropic) contribution, the activities must have a lasting impact on St Antony’s College and a Distinguished Friend will be perceived as a role model to other people wishing to support the College through volunteer efforts. A Distinguished Friend will be entitled to the same activities as a Benefactor.

Foundation Fellowship

A Foundation Fellowship is awarded to honour major donors who have made gifts to a total of £250k to £999k. The name of the benefactor will appear on a donor board and the benefactor will also be invited to become a Senior Member of the College. Alongside a book signed by a St Antony’s Fellow and an invitation to SALAW, Foundation Fellows will also be invited to have a private meal with the Warden or Centre Director to be informed in a personal way about the impact of her/his donation.

Warden's Circle

The highest level of honour the College can present to a donor who has given over £1,000,000 is membership of the Warden's Circle.

Further to all the activities related to the Foundation Fellowship, the Member of the Warden's Circle will receive a personalised print or sketch from the front of the College.


A facilitator, someone who is helping St Antony’s raising money, can be made a Member of the Warden's Circle, Foundation Fellow or Benefactor if he/she brings in five times the threshold for a donor.

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowships are awarded for academic distinction; Honorary Fellows are distinguished persons who have a close connection with the College and who have excelled in fields of interest to the College.

Senior Members

Benefactors, Distinguished Friends of St Antony’s College, Foundation and Members of the Warden's Circle will be invited to become Senior Members and will be assigned defined entitlements about which the donor will be informed through a formal letter from the Warden. The entitlements will be made available alongside the College Activities for donor recognition. The current list of Senior Members can be found on the website.

University of Oxford Donor Recognition

Oxford’s donor recognition scheme also applies to gifts made towards one of its constituent College, including St Antony’s. For more information, please see the Campaign Website of the University.


Once all 1950 Society Members, Patrons, Benefactors, Distinguished Friends of St Antony’s, Foundation Fellows and Members of the Warden's Circle have accepted their invitation for the different schemes, only then the names belonging to each category will be listed on the website.

For further information or questions, please contact the Development Director.