Antonian Fund – Grants Awarded HT18

Fund – Life at St Antony’s

Name of Grant Recipient ProjectAmount awarded
Wieke Leonie van der PloegBoard Games for the GCR£207
Nadia Marques de CarvalhoMental Health Awareness Week£4000
Kate Samuelson and Julie Yamamura62 Woodstock Blog£150
Anton-­Johannes (Anjo) PeezSt Antony’s Boat Club£640
Ollie BallingerFermentation Society£73
Nabil HuddaPool Table£440
Hamish Roberts and Jonas RichterSt Antony’s Football Club£185

Fund – Academic Initiatives

Name of Grant RecipientProjectAmount Awarded
Ashley PopleAfrican Society commemoration£500
Andrea BrazzoduroAlgerian Conference£500
Claire DowlingFuture of Turkey£150
Kate Samuelson and Julie YamamuraSt Antony’s Graduate Conference£616
Alexis NicholsonOxford Middle East Review£500
Hendrik OyeOU Africa-China Conference£300
Rana AlMutawa,  Suliman AlAtiqiOxGAPS£500
Kate Samuelson and Julie YamamuraResearch-in-Progress £197

Fund – Travel and Research 

Name of Grant RecipientProjectAmount Granted
Hannah PuetzConference in Cambridge£200
Mbalenhle MatandelaFieldwork in Uganda£200
Sofiane KadmiriFieldwork in Nigeria£200
Felix WillfortResearch in US£400
Hendrickje WindischFieldwork in Germany£588.00
Asa MudzimuFieldwork in Zimbabwe£200
Hendrick OyeFieldwork in Togo£200
Daniel MacKlinFieldwork in China£200
Timo SchmidtResearch in Germany£150
Pablo ZambranoConference in Australia£600
Robert (Hallam) TuckFieldwork in Belfast£200
Morgane MaceStudy Trip to Geneva£200
Victor BeaumeStudy Trip to Geneva£200
Shegufta HumaStudy Trip to Geneva£200
Stephanie PopeStudy Trip to Geneva£200
Martina VillaStudy Trip to Geneva£200
Aiden SlavinStudy Trip to Geneva£200
Mazloum IsmailStudy Trip to Geneva£200
Giacomo GabbutiConference in Belfast£300
Ernest KwofieFieldwork in Ghana£200
Seraphim De-SouzaFieldwork in Ghana£200
Endrit ShabaniFieldwork in Lithuania£550
Marco MoraesConference at Yale£200
Robert WoodResearch in Geneva & Oslo£200
Princess Hamman-ObelsFieldwork in Nigeria£200
Ivo WalingaConference in Russia£200
Emilia Pool IllsleyFieldwork in Mexico£450