Why choose St Antony’s?

We are a graduate-only college operating in an inclusive, friendly, and highly international academic and social environment. Find out whether we’d be the right place for you during your studies at Oxford.

St Antony’s is a wonderfully vibrant place to live, work and research.

Global Community

St Antony’s is a highly international community of students, academic fellows, and visiting researchers. Our college provides an open and egalitarian environment in which you can develop yourself both academically and personally.

The social heart of our campus is the award-winning Hilda Besse Building where members of the college meet, socialise and eat together. Your daily interactions with other college members are likely to be friendly and informal, but you can still look forward to traditional formal meals as part of the classic Oxford college experience.

Many clubs, societies, and events enrich the college community, offering our students opportunities to socialise, stay healthy, and forge new friendships. As a graduate student at St Antony’s, you will automatically become a member of the GCR (Graduate Common Room), which is your student community. The GCR is run by a team of elected students who run the Student Bar and organise a range of social, academic, and welfare events.

Global Connections

You will make connections at St Antony’s that will last for a lifetime.

We aim to be a supportive and enriching base for your studies. Our egalitarian ethos means there are many opportunities for you to get to know other students, fellows, and visitors from across our range of academic areas.

As a student at St Antony’s, your interactions with other graduates, academic fellows and visiting researchers will challenge and inspire you and give you new perspectives to inform your research and future career.

The specialist area studies seminars and events at St Antony’s attract a broad range of attendees from across the wider Oxford community and beyond. Our regional centres and programmes use insights and methods from both social sciences and the humanities to deepen our understanding of the world, making connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplines.

When you leave St Antony’s you will join our flourishing global community of alumni, supported by the College and our Liaison Officer network.

Global Understanding

Our purpose, as stated in the College Statute is to promote international understanding in a complex world.

St Antony’s welcomes graduate students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. There is no typical ‘St Antony’s student’, but our students do share a common focus, pursuing graduate study that is informed and shaped by the wider global context. Our student body is highly international, and many of our students have experiences of living in different countries. An increasing number of students come to St Antony’s with substantive work experience. Our students are united by wanting to learn and understand about the world to make a difference.

Our students come here to achieve a range of objectives, whether that be to deepen their understanding of their academic subject, to consolidate their professional practice and life experiences, or as preparation for the next stage of their career, be that in academia, development, government, the private sector or elsewhere.

Global Research

As a world-renowned hub for research, teaching and engagement on global and regional issues, St Antony’s offers a space for critical thinking and the exchange of ideas.

We contribute to the University’s mission to lead the world in research and education, we are committed to sympathetic engagement with the regions we study, and we work collaboratively with organisations across the globe with the aim of making the world a better place.

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