Antonian Fund – Grants Awarded MT14

Fund – Life at St Antony’s

Name of the recipientProjectFundAmount granted
Adam Stahl (Mphil Russian & EE Studies, 2013)St Antony’s Football ClubLife at St Antony’s£500
Juliet E. Allan (MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies, 2013)St Antony’s Boat ClubLife at St Antony’s£618
Kelsi Nagy (DPhil Geography, 2013)St Antony’s Garden and Student Garden SocietyLife at St Antony’s£200
Kirsten Asdal (MSc Contemporary Chinese Studies, 2014)The Foxes Football TeamLife at St Antony’s£500
Tahrat Shahid (DPhil Politics, 2010)St Antony’s DPhil Students’ SocietyLife at St Antony’s£600
Monica Esposito (Development Officer)Running vests for “Oxford Town and Gown” Crowdfunding InitiativeLife at St Antony’s£179.75

Fund – Academic Initiatives

Name of the recipientProjectFundAmount Granted
Arthur Dudney (JRF, 2013)Symposium on “Literature in History, and History in Literature”Academic Initiatives£200
Ivaylo Iaydjiev (DPhil Public Policy, 2014)Academic Conference: “Critical Juncture? Bulgaria After the Snap Poll”Academic Initiatives£230
Jessie Hronesova (DPhil Politics, 2013)Interdisciplinary symposium: “The power of the people: the dynamics and limits of social mobilization in South Eastern Europe”Academic Initiatives£300
Olivia Cheung (DPhil Politics, 2014)2015 Oxford Postgraduate Conference on Contemporary ChinaAcademic Initiatives£600
Othon Anastasakis (Director ESC)Workshop: Bosnia and Herzegovina: New International ThinkingAcademic Initiatives£400
Sarah Smierciak (DPhil Oriental Studies, 2014)Oxford Majlis WorkshopAcademic Initiatives£300

Fund – Writing-up bursaries

Name of the recipientFundAmount granted
Savka Andic (DPhil Oriental Studies, 2011)Writing-up Bursaries£1,000
Tahrat Shahid (DPhil Politics, 2010)Writing-up Bursaries£1,000
Shireen Walton (DPhil Anthropology, 2012)Writing-up Bursaries£1,000

Fund – Travel Grants

Name of the recipientProjectFundAmount granted
Bilal Baloch (DPhil Politics)Fieldwork in India Travel Grants£200
Vanya Bhargav (DPhil History)Archival trip to IndiaTravel Grants£200
Eva Bruckmann (MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies)        Ethnographic fieldwork in TurkeyTravel Grants£150
Christian Heller (MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies)Archival research in Washington D.C at the Department of State archives to support thesis researchTravel Grants£150
Anna Jacobs (MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies)Travel to Morocco for researchTravel Grants£150
Sajjad Khoshroo (DPhil Socio-Legal Studies)Interviewing  stakeholders in the Middle EastTravel Grants£200
Jack Pun Kwok Hung  (DPhil Education)Fieldwork visiting secondary schools across Hong KongTravel Grants£200
Thomas Shortland  (MPhil Latin American Studies)Fieldwork in Oaxaca, MexicoTravel Grants£150
Xiaoyang Wang (DPhil Geography and the EnvironmentFieldwork in China and a presentation at University of Hong KongTravel Grants£200
Anne-Margaret Wolf (DPhil Oriental Studies)Conducting field research (interviews, archival research) in Tunis, TunisaTravel Grants£200
Yi Yang (DPhil Politics)Fieldwork in ChinaTravel Grants£200