IT Rules

  1. All use of College and University IT facilities is subject to University of Oxford regulations and policies (In particular the regulations relating to the use of IT facilities) and the JANET AUP apply.
  2. The College provides access to its computer networks only for purposes directly connected with the work of the University and the College and with the normal academic activities of its members and guests. Disciplinary proceedings and / or other action will be taken to deal with the inappropriate use of computing and network facilities.
  3. All data transmitted to and from your computer on the College network is subject to monitoring by the University and College. Data may be captured and used to investigate and support allegations of prohibited or illegal use of the network.
  4. The College network must not be used to run unauthorised network services including file-sharing programs, music and video streaming servers, peer-to-peer programs, wireless access points and web servers.
  5. It is the responsibility of the user to act in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act when storing and accessing personal data.
  6. It is the responsibility of the user to take appropriate security measures when connecting their own computer to the network. In particular, you must ensure that the latest system updates and anti-virus definitions are installed. Further advice may be found here.
  7. The University of Oxford and St Antony’s College reserve the right to deny network and computing access.
  8. By accepting this agreement you undertake to indemnify St Antony’s College from and against any and all losses which the College may suffer as the consequences of your use of the College IT facilities. This may include any fines incurred by prohibited use of the network.

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