College Members

College Members

St Antony's has a large number of College Members who contribute to the rich diversity of our academic and social community. There are several categories of College Membership reflecting both short-term and longer attachments to the College.

A summary of the College Membership categories can be found below. Individual profiles of all College Members (excluding Associate Members with College Advisor role) are available in the People section of the website.

Academic Visitors

Academic Visitors come to the College for a finite period, normally up to one academic year, to fulfill a specific individual research objective. They may come from an academic or professional career background. Applications for Academic Visitorships are sponsored by a Governing Body Fellow, and the research topic should fall within the College's field of interest. 

Applicants for Academic Visitorship must plan their stay well in advance, especially if a visa will be required. For more information about the Academic Visitor application process, please contact Julie Irving, Memberships Manager.

Associate Members with College Advisor role (formerly known as Senior Common Room Membership)

The College is home to around 100 Associate Members, who are employed in University Departments and Faculties that are united by their close connection to the College, and who act as College Advisors to our postgraduate students. 

For more information about the Associate Membership application process, please contact Julie Irving, Memberships Manager.

Governing Body Fellows

The College’s Governing Body is the trustee board of the College, with ultimate responsibility for its management and administration. The Governing Body is chaired by the Warden, Professor Roger Goodman. There are currently 38 Governing Body Fellows, most of whom also have a joint University appointment in an academic department or Faculty in areas that relate to the College's expertise.

Emeritus Fellows

There are currently 37 Emeritus Fellows, who have a longstanding connection to the College and are elected by the Governing Body after serving as Governing Body Fellows. Many of our Emeritus Fellows continue to research and are actively involved in the life of the College. 

Honorary Fellows

These fellowships are awarded to people who have a high academic or public profile in areas in which the College specialises, and who can inspire future, current and past generations of Antonians.

Foundation Fellows

A Foundation Fellow is any person who has made a significant financial contribution to the College or one of its centres.

Honorary Antonians

  • For individuals who have acted as exceptional volunteers for the benefit of the College. The award recognises those who have given their time, expertise and influence to projects and initiatives of significant and enduring value to the College and/or one of its centres; or
  • Any person who has made a major gift to the College or one of its centres.

For further details about Foundation Fellows and Honoray Antnoians, please follow this link


All former students and members of the College become Antonians when they finish their membership of the College.