St Antony's High Table Booking Service

St Antony's High Table Booking Service

Senior College Members who wish to book for a High Table or Guest Night dinner should click the link for the relevant date below in order to complete a booking form.  A separate form is required for each attendee and booking is open at least two weeks in advance of the date.  You must have a University Single Sign-On (S.S.O) in order to make a booking for yourself and any guests.

The deadlines below for booking are strictly adhered to:

  • For Monday Guest Night :  book by noon on the Friday before the dinner
  • For Tuesday High Table: book by noon on the Monday before the dinner
  • For Friday High Table: book by noon on the Thursday before the dinner
  • For High Tables taking place on other days: book by 12 noon on the previous working day

The default meal for all formal dinners is vegetarian and diners who would like a non-vegetarian meal are asked to make this clear in the booking form.

All diners are asked to note any specific dietary requirements, for example: kosher, halal, gluten free or any allergies, on the form.

The name of each diner attending a dinner will appear on the list of attendees at this link: list of attendees (University Single Sign-On is required to view the list)

Hilary  2023          Guest Night (Monday) High Table (Tuesday) High Table (Friday)
Week 1 16 January 2023 17 January 2023 20 January 2023
Week 2 23 January 2023 24 January 2023 27 January 2023
Week 3 30 January 2023 31 January 2023 3 February 2023
Week 4 6 February 2023 7 February 2023 10 February 2023
Week 5 13 February 2023 14 February 2023 17 February 2023
Week 6 20 February 2023 21 February 2023 24 February 2023
Week 7 27 February 2023 28 February 2023 3 March 2023
Week 8 6 March 2023 7 March 2023 10 March 2023

Please note that Guest Nights and High Tables may be cancelled if fewer than six or eight people (respectively) sign up.

Dinner is served at 7.30pm sharp in the Dining Hall. The normal dress code is jacket and tie or equivalent, and hosts are asked to inform their guest(s) of this.

The College grace is spoken at the start and end. At the beginning of the meal, the grace is “Benedictus benedicat” and at the end of the meal it is “Benedicto benedicatur”.

At High Table the Steward will ask a small number of Fellows to preside over a table at second dessert. These Fellows are asked to move to the New Fellows’ Dining Room as quickly as possible to occupy their place, which will be marked as “Reserved”. 

Guest Nights are slightly less formal than High Tables; there is no seating plan and no second dessert.