AV Instructions

AV Instructions

The college’s lecture and seminar rooms each contain a Windows laptop with Microsoft office and Adobe reader installed.

Blu-ray disc playback is available by the dedicated player in the Investcorp auditorium, all other laptops have DVD drives.

All of our seminar rooms and lecture theatres have both Eduroam and OWL wireless coverage.

General Room Instructions:

  1. Turn on the system. There are a few different setups throughout the college, if there is a touch screen or wall plate please use these in the first instance, otherwise use the project remote to turn on the system.
    Start screen for the AV tablet
  2. Check the laptops video connection. Most rooms use either VGA or HDMI
    (Note: You only need to connect one video cable to the computer)
    Picture of a HDMI cable
  3. Check the laptops power supply is connected.
  4. Check the laptops wireless connection. Please note that the laptops are not automatically configured to connect to the wireless. When using the laptop in one of our seminar rooms or lecture theatres please use your own Eduroam account or if you are a visitor to the University please obtain an OWL code from the lodge
    Eduroam and OWL appearing in wireless menu
  5. Make sure the laptop is set to ‘duplicate’ the display. If you press the Windows logo key and P together a menu will appear on screen.
    Duplicate menu option for additional screens in windows 10
  6. Once you have finished please remember to turn off the projector and do not forget to remove your wireless credentials from the computer.