The Art of Dissent | Film screening & pre-film talk with Director James Le Sueur and Timothy Garton Ash

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The Art of Dissent | Film screening & pre-film talk with Director James Le Sueur and Timothy Garton Ash

Monday, 31 October 2022 - 4:30pm to 6:45pm
Investcorp Auditorium
James Le Sueur, Film Director and Historian, Professor of International Relations, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies, Oxford
Roger Goodman (St Antony’s College, Oxford)
Professor Roger Goodman, Warden of St Antony's
European Studies Seminar

Love, tolerance and creative freedom aren't just for fairy tales

Award-winning film, The Art of Dissent celebrates the resilience and power of artistic engagement in Czechoslovakia after the 1968 Soviet-led invasion. The documentary’s main protagonists – Václav Havel, band singer Marta Kubišová, and the underground rock group the Plastic People of the Universe (PPU) – became the most recognizable dissidents during the 1970-80s. Havel bridged the disparate clusters of individuals and fused the literary, musical, political, and philosophical nonviolent elements into a hybrid network that eventually toppled the totalitarian regime in 1989. The movie combines rare archival footage with interviews with key dissidents filmed over three years in the Czech Republic, England, and the United States. The film speaks to our contemporary political malaise by underscoring the resolve and courage of dissidents who strove to rebuild a battered civil society with artistry, tolerance, and truth.

Event timings:

4.30pm- Pre-film talk with Film Director, James Le Sueur and Professor Timothy Garton Ash

5.00pm – 6.45pm – Film showing (1.45 hours)

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...the resistance was down but not out. An underground army of writers, academics, musicians, and other intellectuals sustained it, chief among them the internationally renowned playwright Václav Havel.

- The Boston Globe

Timothy Garton Ash
Jacques Rupnik
Tomáš Halík
Eda Kriseová
Michael Zantovsky
Paul Wilson

James Dean Le Sueur

David Hanzal
Vít Belohradský
Arpi Siyahian
Brad Roth
James Le Sueur
Mariana Čapková
Jakub Mahler