Hilda Besse Renovations Progress

Hilda Besse Renovations Progress

Welcome to the Hilda Besse Renovations Progress page. This is the quickest and easiest way to see the progress of the Hilda Besse renovations from their start in July of 2019 until the present day. The best way to view this page is to scroll to the bottom and work your way upwards to see the chronological changes. 

Trinity Term 2020

A picture of the Hilda Besse building with scaffolding, a cloudy sky

Inside the lobby of the Hilda Besse Building, refurbished. Still to be completed.

The refurbished wooden ceiling of the Hilda Besse ceiling.

Hilary Term 2020

Hilda Besse april progress

A builder walks on the 'birdcage' scaffolding in the dining hall. 

GCR under renovation February 2020

GCR under renovation.

Hilda Besse roof works.

Strip-out works underway on all floors of the Hilda Besse. Walls, screeds, and pipe works removed. 

Scaffolding to the upper levels of the Hilda Besse, and a special roof hoist, are installed to aid renovations to the roof of the Hilda Besse. 

Christmas Holidays 2019

The first site visit for St Antony's staff and GCR representatives took place during the Christmas holidays.  

Concrete cleaning. The red arrows in the image above show the 'before and after' 

Michaelmas Term 2019 

Hilda Box Christmas lunch

Christmas dinner takes place inside the Hilda Box, along with special decorations and a new set of sound-dampening 'baffle boards' and carpeting. 

External cleaning of the Hilda Besse concrete

External concrete cleaning 

Views of the Hilda Besse Renovations in the bar area

Uncovering underlying features such as the original brick.

Hilda Besse scaffolding in autumn

The first levels of scaffolding erected around the Hilda Besse

Hilda Besse interiors stripped

Hilda Besse hall packed up for renovations

The iconic carpets are removed from the walls of the Dining Hall.

The Hilda Besse is packed up and readied for the renovations. 

Freshers' week 2019 events in the Hilda Box

Freshers' week takes place inside the 'Hilda Box'.

Summer 2019 

Hilda Box exterior view of hoarding

Hilda Box is completed and groovy, 1970s-inspired hoarding added. 

View of the Hilda Box

Hilda 'Box' temporary structure building in progress

Construction starts on the 'Hilda Box'.

Students say goodbye to the Hilda Besse (as they know it)

Students say 'goodbye' to the Hilda Besse (as they know it!).

Hilary 2019

Convincing the college to take on renovations

Convincing the Governing Body to take on the renovations.