Please check back here for news and any other updates to the Hilda Besse renovations.

October 7th 2019

  • The Hilda Box is officially open for business! Events, such as those for freshers week, will now take place in the temporary structure. 

September 19th 2019

  • As the start of the new academic year draws closer the Hilda Box has taken form! Meanwhile the college is preparing to empty the Hilda Besse and get everything ready for the arrival of Antonians old(er) and new(er)! 

Progress picture of the Hilda Box temporary structure

September 2nd 2019

  • Hilda Box 'unboxing' continues...

Hilda 'Box' temporary structure building in progress

August 21st 2019

  • Hilda Box 'unboxing' progress. (Picture courtesy of Malcom Tyrrell) 

August 19th 2019

  • Construction of the 'Hilda Box' temporary structure started today!

August 9th 2019

  • Scaffolding works for the Hilda Box will be starting on the 19th, with the rest of the box 'unpacked' soon after. 

July 4th 2019

  • New designs for the 'Hilda Box' temporary structure proposed (check them out in the 'Hilda Box' section!) 
  • Prototype replicas of furniature unveiled. 

June 29th 2019

  • Quad prepared for the arrival of the temporary structure. Building of the 'Hilda Box' will start on the 14th of August. 

May 22nd 2019 

  • Planning permission granted. Works greenlit.