What do European citizens want the EU to be?

IMAGE: people holding EU flag

What do European citizens want the EU to be?

Thursday, 29 April 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Online Event
Catherine de Vries (Bocconi University)
Timothy Garton Ash (St Antony's College, Oxford)
Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent/Legatum Institute), Sophie Vériter (Leiden University)
Ralf Dahrendorf Lecture

Annual Ralf Dahrendorf Memorial Lecture

The European Union is facing one of the rockiest periods in its existence: how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath. While unprecedented levels of integration in recent decades have led to increased public contestation, yet at the same the EU is more reliant on public support for its continued legitimacy than ever before. In this lecture, Catherine de Vries examines the state of European public opinion and the role it plays in the European Union.

Catherine E. De Vries is Dean of Diversity and Inclusion and Professor of Political Science at Bocconi University. In addition, she is an affiliated professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and an associate member of Nuffield College, University of Oxford. Catherine is a world-renowned expert on European politics, political behaviour and political economy. She is the author of three books, one of which, Euroscepticism and the Future of European Integration published with Oxford University Press, received the European Union Studies Association (EUSA) Best Book in EU Studies Award in 2019 and was listed in the top-5 books on Europe’s future by the Financial Times. In her home country, the Netherlands, Catherine is a member of Dutch Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs and columnist in a daily newspaper.

Matthew Goodwin is an academic, bestseller writer and speaker known for his work on political volatility, risk, populism, British politics, Europe, elections and Brexit. He is Professor of Politics at Rutherford College, University of Kent, Senior Visiting Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House and previously Senior Fellow with the UK In a Changing Europe.
Matthew is the author of six books, including the 2018 Sunday Times bestseller, National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy, listed by the Financial Times as a politics books of the year  and translated into multiple languages. He is also the co-author of the 2015 Political Book of the Year, Revolt on the Right, which was also long-listed for the Orwell Prize. He has published books with Oxford and Cambridge University Press, dozens of peer-reviewed academic studies in top-ranked journals, research reports and briefings. These include major studies of Brexit, British politics, terrorist attacks, rising ethnic diversity across the West, and the future of Europe. Matthew engages widely with business, policy and media. He has consulted more than 300 organizations around the globe, from the UK Prime Minister's Office to the President of Germany, U.S. State Department, European Commission, Deutsche Bank, UBS, JP Morgan, Rothschild and Cie, Trilateral Commission, Goldman Sachs and Clifford Chance. Matthew regularly interviews politicians, activists and campaigners from across the spectrum and appears regularly in international media including BBC News, Financial Times, New York Times and Politico.

Sophie Vériter is a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA), Leiden University. Her research focuses on European foreign policy-making with a specific interest in hybrid interference, strategic communication, and disinformation. Sophie’s work aims at unveiling the strategies used by small EU Member States to influence the development of European security governance in these areas. Alongside her PhD, Sophie has been contributing to the Europe’s Stories project at the European Studies Centre of the University of Oxford as a research assistant since its inception in late 2018. She also works as an editor for The Hague Journal of Diplomacy and as a research fellow at the Global Governance Institute in Brussels. Previously, Sophie was a consultant for the EU’s public diplomacy programme in the Eastern Partnership countries and for the Royal Military Academy in Brussels. Sophie holds a MPhil in European Politics and Society from the University of Oxford and a BA summa cum laude in International Affairs from Vesalius College (Brussels School of Governance).

This online event will be chaired by Timothy Garton Ash (St Antony's College, Oxford).

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