Kevin Pakenham (1948-2020)

Kevin Pakenham (BPhil Economics, 1969; SCR Member, 1996-2009) passed away on 19 July 2020. He had a distinguished career after St Antony’s, and worked hard to raise money for charities and trusts, committing himself to prison reform.

Kevin was on the College’s Development Committee in the late 1990s and was then Chair of the College’s Financial Advisory Committee from 2003-2020. The fact that he was on one or the other of those committees continuously for over twenty years almost certainly makes him the longest-serving alumnus member of any St Antony’s committee since the College was founded in 1950. The College is very much in his debt. 

He is remembered by the Longford Trust as a ‘charismatic, witty, clever, humane, generous man’. 

A full obituary was published in the Telegraph, and is contained in the story below.

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