Computer Room and Printing

The college computer room consists of 6 PCs and two Multifunction Devices (copy / scan / print), one located within the computer room and one in the lobby just as you enter the Old Main Building on the ground floor. 

Printing is charged in arrears to your battels using PaperCut. You may log in to PaperCut with your SSO credentials ( from here you can track your printing history, see the current cost of printing and even upload documents to print.

Printing in the Computer Room:

  1. Send the job to the “Follow Me” printer queue, this will allow you to release the print job on either multifunction device.
    Picture of MS Word showing the 'follow me' printer queue
  2. Next log into one of the multifunction devices by touching your University Card against the card reader.
  3. On the screen, it will list any jobs which you have sent to the follow me print queue. Select the job you wish to print, or press ‘Print All’ to release all of your jobs in the queue.
    Picture of PaperCut interface on the MFD show a list print jobs
  4. If you select an individual print job, you can choose to either just print that job or cancel it.
    Picture of PaperCut interface on the MFD showing the options to print or cancel an individual job
  5. After you have finished, please remember to log out by pressing the ‘Logout’ button in the top right.

Copying or Scanning to email on the Multifunction Devices

  1. Log into one of the multifunction devices by touching your University Card against the card reader.
  2. Press the ‘Use Device Functions’ button and choose ‘copier’ or ‘scan to email’ from the menu.
  3. If emailing please enter or your address or if copying please select your printing options.
  4. Put the document to scan or email into the copier.
  5. Press the green start button to begin the job. (Copying costs the same per page as printing)
  6. Please remember to log out using the button on the photocopier or by selecting ‘PaperCut’ from the function menu and choosing ‘Logout’ in the top right. Please note: you can use the home button to switch between functions.

Using Web Print

You can upload a document to print from almost any device via the ‘Web Print’ function in PaperCut. It will accept any document in the following formats: Excel, PowerPoint, Word and PDF.

  1. First log into PaperCut using your SSO:
  2. Choose ‘Web Print’ from the menu.
    Picture of the PaperCut Web Menu
  3. Next choose ‘Sumbit a Job’
    Picture of the PaperCut Web Print Menu
  4. Choose the number of copies you would like and then click ‘Upload Documents’.
  5. Either drag files from your computer into the box or click ‘Upload from computer’.
    Picture of the PaperCut Web upload area
  6. Once you have uploaded all documents you wish to print click ‘Upload and complete’. Then wait on the next page as your documents are uploaded.
  7. Finally go to one of the multifunction devices in the computer and use your University card to release any jobs as you would normally. (Please note that jobs uploaded this way will be removed from the queue after 2 hours if they have not been printed)