Students and staff have access to a variety of discounted and free software as part of their University membership.

Free Software

Microsoft Office

Through the Nexus365 email account there is the option to download up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office365 for use on personal devices. These copies will remain active for as long as you are a member of the University. Instructions for downloading Office365 can be found on the Nexus365 help page here: Office 365 download | IT Help (

(Information on the licensing can be found here:

Anti-Virus and more

From the self-registration pages under ‘Software’ there are a number of site licensed software that may be used on personal machines, including an option to download Sophos Anti-Virus: Endpoint security (anti-virus) | Information Security (

Discounted Software

Adobe, Endnote and more

Through the IT services software distribution portal there is access to a range of discounted software:

Further software can also be found from the IT services shop: