Film Screening: ‘No City for Women’

Join us next week, Tuesday 12 March at 4 PM, for a screening of the ESRC-funded film ‘No City for Women’ in the Nissan Lecture Theatre. Research for the project was led by Nandini Gooptu (Acting-Warden), and there will be a drinks reception afterwards. Further details of the screening can be found on OxTalks here.

The film raises these questions – What kind of cities have we created for our women? Our laadli behnas [darling sisters], pujaniya matas [revered mothers] and priya patnis [beloved wives]? The kind of spaces women have to negotiate just on their way to work, then at work, and after-hours, and at home. Will this ever change? The film takes a deep dive into the structure of our society that perpetrates this violence. … Brilliantly and passionately put together …” 

– Nishtha Jain, award-winning feminist film director

“Enjoyed.. if that can be the word for a film like that. … It’s quite explosive. Maybe one of the most hard-hitting films I have seen on the subject. On masculinity actually. It is very moving in the attitude of the young women and what they are up against.” 

– Bina Paul, National Award winning film editor

“… you can connect with the people speaking on the screen, it is really us everyday, people are just speaking their minds on screen …”

“Time didn’t feel it had passed while watching the film. With every story [more] relatable than the next.”

Female viewers in India

“I am not a perpetrator, but I realise now how complicit I am …”

A male viewer

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