St Antony’s Fellow, Amir Lebdioui wins $550,000 award to research green transformation in Latin America

Amir Lebdioui has won a $550,000 award to kickstart a research and policy engagement programme on green economic transformation in Latin America. 

The economic future of Latin America is intrinsically linked to climate change as well as the trade dynamics associated with the global decarbonisation agenda. This research programme therefore aims to generate new insights and evidence on the various pathways to green economic transformation in Latin America. 

More specifically, this research will explore regional approaches to green industrial policy in Latin America; the scope for biodiversity-based innovation ecosystems in the Amazon region; the political economy of low carbon technology transfer in an era of geopolitical competition; and the financing of green industrialisation in Latin America.

This programme supports and relies on various collaborations with scholars and policymakers in Latin America and beyond. 

Amir is a Governing Body Fellow at St Antony’s and Associate Professor in the Political Economy of Development at Oxford Department of International Development.

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