Professor Christopher Gerry

Professor Christopher Gerry

BA, MA UEA, PhD Essex
Associate Professor of Russian and Eurasian Political Economy
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Professor Christopher J Gerry joined St Antony’s College as Associate Professor of Russian and Eurasian Political Economy in September 2017. Before that he held positions at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (2002-2017) and, during a recent 3-year period of leave, at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) in St. Petersburg (2014-2017), where he continues to hold a part-time affiliation.

He received his BA and MA in Economics from the University of East Anglia in 1996 and 1997 respectively and his PhD in Economics, from University of Essex, in 2002.

Professor Gerry’s research has focused on the social, economic and health impacts of the changing economic circumstances in Russia and Eurasia. He has published in some of the leading journals on topics including health policy, smoking behaviours, social exclusion, inequality, wage arrears, vulnerability, gender and mortality. His work (2012) on the link between mass privatisation and mortality became part of a controversial debate concerning the link between economic reforms and socio-economic outcomes in the post-communist region. 

His current research focuses on the political economy of health, welfare and labour in Russia, with articles forthcoming on health insurance reform, multi-morbidity and the medical labour market. He is currently researching a book on health, welfare and gender in the Russian Federation and is involved in multiple research projects with the HSE St. Petersburg International Centre for Health Economics, Management and Policy, which he established successfully in 2015.

His teaching interests and expertise are wide-ranging, including Health Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Choice, European Integration and the Political Economy of Emerging Markets.

Professor Gerry has a wealth of management experience including heading the Internationalisation Commission (2014-17) and the Centre for Health Economics, Management and Policy (2015-17) at HSE St. Petersburg; serving as Deputy Director (2013-14), Director of Teaching Resources (2011-14), and Director of an International Erasmus Mundus Consortium at UCL (2006-2010); heading a Soros Foundation project promoting Health Economics in Eurasia (2011-14); and serving as a trustee of the BEARR Trust (2009-2012).