Dr Wei Jia

Academic Visitor


My Ph.D. is in Philosophy (Soochow University, Economic Philosophy), and I have a Master’s Degree in Management (Anhui Agricultural University, Land Resources Management), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, International Economics and Trade).

My research is extensive, including the fields of politics, economy, and culture. I have postdoctoral research experience in Fudan University, Shanghai, and I mainly research on the connection and development of political culture and traditional culture. I am particularly interested in sociocultural change under the influence of political economy and the interplay of cultural ideology and economic policy.

My publication Contemporary China’s Supply-Side Structural Reform is about interpreting China’s economic policies. I have done research on China’s state-owned economy, economic internal circulation, common prosperity, and supply-side structural reforms. In addition, I have also published many articles on culture, such as “The Connection between Chinese Communist Party Culture and Traditional Chinese Culture,” and have also done research regarding China’s cultural ideology.

I have lectured in different topics of economic philosophy and social culture. My current research focuses on the relationship between the government and market, and the relationship between social ideology and the government.


Foreign Journal Publications

The Functions and Problems of China’s State-owned Economy. Polish Political Science Yearbook, The Publishing House Adam Marszałek, Toruń, Pl., Sep. 2020, 49 (3)

Journal Papers (CSSCI)

On the Cultural Community Ideology in Red Culture—Based on the Perspective of Gustav Radbruch’s Kurturlehre des Sozialismus, Social Sciences in Ningxia, 2019 (2).

The Philosophical and Economic Connotation of “Doing Strong, Doing Better and Doing Greater” in State-owned Economy, Journal of Economics of Shanghai School (Quarterly), 2019 (1).

Rethinking Supplier-Side Reform and Public Products: From the Perspective of Galbraith’s The Affluent Society, CSSCI, Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2018 (10)

Analysis of the Tasks of Supplier-Side Reform: On Currency Circulation, CSSCI, Inquiry into Economic Issues, 2018 (09)

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A Study on the Public Cultural Services in China from a Perspective of Demand Logic: A Theoretical Viewpoint Based on Consumer Equilibrium and Cobweb Models, CSSCI, Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2017 (12)

Reflection on the Balance of Production System of China’s Supplier-Side Reform— From the Perspective of Sraffa’s Production Equation and Marx’s Production Theory of Organic Unity, CSSCI, Inquiry into Economic Issues, 2017 (05)

Rethinking the Supply-Side Reform in Our Country with Productivity as Criteria, CSSCI, Economist, 2017 (03)

Journal Papers (Extended CSSCI Edition)

Re-Discussion of Red Culture from the Perspective of Cultural Genetics—Also on the Subordinate and Fusion Relationship between Red Culture and Other Cultures, Social Sciences in Guangxi, 2019 (1).

Analysis of the Revolutionary Spirit of the Communist Party of China and the Theory of Red Culture, Theory Monthly, 2018 (10).

Provincial Journals

History and Theme: A Research Summary on Chinese Red Culture, Literary Circles of CPC History, 2017 (10).

“Five Major Development Concepts”: A New Direction for the Prosperity and Development of Socialist Literature and Art, Journal of Red Culture, 2017 (02).