Kamila Akhmedjanova

Kamila Akhmedjanova

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Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, St. Antony’s College

Start year: 2021

Thesis title: Study of Ahmad Donish’s literary legacy within the context of 19th century Persian literature

Supervisors: Professor Edmund Herzig and Professor Dominic Parviz Brookshaw

Before coming to the Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, I completed my BA and MPhil degrees at the University of Oxford, having previously specialized in Italian literature and linguistics. I took part in various academic conferences, including, among others, the Languages for Specific Purposes conference in Padua (2019) and the Association for Iranian Studies conference in Salamanca (2022), where the title of my presentation was “Sadriddin Aini – founding father of modern Tajik literature and his relationship with the Soviet government”. I also published some of my works.

I have experience of teaching Tajiki language to undergraduate students, as well as of co-supervising undergraduate dissertations.

My current academic interests mainly include pre-Soviet and early Soviet Tajik literature, as well as the history of the Central Asian region in the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.