Ms Bayan Haddad

George Antonius Birzeit Visiting Fellow

Bayan Haddad is an instructor of English literature at Birzeit University, Palestine. She serves as an advisory board member of Land Research Centre and had a professional experience in the NGO sector working as an interpreter at Doctors without Borders and a researcher at Hebron Rehabilitation Centre. Bayan was a HESPAL scholar to the UK, and holds an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Edinburgh. Bayan’s current research suggests a postcolonial comparative literary reading of Northern Ireland and Palestine. The project examines pieces of fiction written after the temporal transitions of the Belfast Agreement and the Oslo Accords and seeks to interrogate the ways in which the texts reconsider the relationship of memory, language and structures to communicate collective trauma in each site. In so doing, the research aims to be simultaneously in conversation with existing trauma theory whilst suggesting alternative interpretative frameworks as posited by the works under study.