Dr Oliver Ready

Dr Oliver Ready

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Research Fellow in Russian Literature and Culture
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Oliver Ready is a literary scholar and translator specializing in recent and nineteenth-century literature. His academic publications include the monograph Persisting in Folly: Russian writers in search of wisdom, 1963-2013 (Peter Lang, 2017) and articles on various recent Russian authors. He is currently working on a short Life of Nikolai Gogol and a translation of Gogol’s ‘essential stories’. The novels of Vladimir Sharov (1952-2018) are another major interest.

Dr Ready has convened many seminar series and special events with Russian cultural figures at St Antony’s, including the Elliott Lecture by Svetlana Alexievich in 2016. He teaches undergraduates and postgraduates at various colleges across the university, and holds a lectureship at Wadham until 2020.

As a literary translator, his publications include Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (Penguin Classics; Pen Translation Prize shortlist, 2016), The Maisky Diaries (as co-translator), Ilya Ehrenburg’s My Paris, and translations of the following works of recent Russian fiction, all published by Dedalus: 

Vladimir Sharov’s novels The Rehearsals (2018) and Before and During 

Yuri Buida’s novella The Zero Train and his short-story cycle The Prussian Bride 

For his translations he has received the International Read Russia Prize (2018), the Read Russia Prize (2015), and the Rossica Prize (2005).

Dr Ready serves on the editorial board of The Russian Library, a new series of translated works of Russian literature published by Columbia University Press. Between 2008 and 2017 he was Consultant Editor for Russia and East-Central Europe at the Times Literary Supplement.