Professor Romila Thapar

Honorary Fellow

Professor Romila Thapar is a noted historian, with a research focus on the study of Ancient India. She is currently Professor Emerita at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. 

Selected Publications: 

The Past before Us: Historical Traditions of Early North India, Permanent Black, Ranikhet /Harvard University Press, Cambridge Mass., 2013
The Aryan: Recasting Constructs, Three Essays, Delhi 2008
Somanatha: the Many Voices of a History, Penguin Delhi, Verso London, 2004, 2008
Early India, Penguin Books, London / Delhi / California University Press, 2002
Cultural Pasts, Essays in Early Indian History, OUP Delhi, 2000
History and Beyond, OUP Delhi, 2000
Śakuntalā: Texts, Readings, Histories, Kali for Women, Delhi/Anthem, London, 1999
From Lineage to State, OUP Delhi, 1984, sq., 2006
Ancient Indian Social History: Some Interpretations, OL Delhi, 1978, 2010
The Past and Prejudice (Sardar Patel Memorial Lectures), NBT Delhi, 1975, sq., 2010
Ancient India, Medieval India, NCERT Textbooks, Delhi, 1966, 1968 sq.
A History of India, Vol.1, Penguin Books, London / Delhi, 1966
Aśoka and the Decline of the Mauryas, Oxford / Delhi, 1961, sq., 2012