Teal Mingledorff

Teal Mingledorff

College Email Address: 

Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, Linacre College

Start year: 2020

Thesis subject area: The Diaspora Business of Iran-Israel Relations 

Supervisor: Professor Yaacov Yadgar 

Teal is a DPhil student in Middle East area studies. Her work examines trade and business exchanges between Israel and pre-revolutionary Iran. She is conducting fieldwork as a Sandwich Scholar at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and was previously a Kamran Djam Scholar in Iranian studies at SOAS and a Hassenfeld Fellow in Chinese studies at Hopkins. 

Previous Education: 

  • Master’s in Iranian studies (SOAS, University of London)
  • Master’s in comparative and international law (The Johns Hopkins University–Nanjing University Centre for Chinese and American Studies)
  • Dual Bachelor’s in [French and Chinese] languages, literatures and cultures and cinema studies (Northeastern University)

Research Interests: Political Economy, Resource-Rich Economies, Global Financial Crises, Investment Migration, Minority Trade, International Relations