Professor Terri Kim

Professor Terri Kim

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Professor Terri Kim, PhD (London) PFHEA is Professor of Comparative Higher Education (honorary full professor) at UEL (; honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL Institute Education in London; Associate of CHEER (Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research) at the University of Sussex; and Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy (PFHEA).  

She graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul with a Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude), and at the UCL Institute of Education (University of London then) where she gained her MA in Comparative Education and PhD in Comparative Higher Education. Subsequently she did her postdoctoral research in International Relations at LSE in London. Previously she worked as a research consultant to OECD CERI; Visiting Research Scholar in International Relations at LSE in London; Brain Korea 21 Contract Professor at Seoul National University; Lecturer at Brunel University London; Visiting Scholar at the Collège de France, I.E.C. in Paris; and Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Monash University, Faculty of Arts in Melbourne.

She was a recipient of the Yonsei University 100 Future Women Leaders Prize, a decennial award, selected by the Yonsei University Alumni Association in 2018.  She is a co-convenor of the SRHE Policy Network, and serves on the editorial board of Comparative Education, Intercultural Education, British Journal of Educational Studies and Policy Reviews in HE

Her scholarly interests centre on the relations of territory, mobility, knowledge, identity and network; established-outsiders’ relationship; ethnic nationalism, diasporas and internationalization; transnational academic mobility and identity capital; meritocracy, mobility and elite formation; comparative historical sociology of knowledge and identity capital; epistemic (in)justice; the interface between internationalisation, interculturality, and EDI policy and practice; state-university relations, the academic profession and leadership in HE.  She co-led the UK Advance HE-funded project on ‘Tracking Impact of Diversifying Leadership in HE’ as a two-year longitudinal study (2017–18).


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She has published one book, Forming the Academic Profession in East Asia: a Comparative  Analysis,and%20postcolonial%20periods%20in%20shaping%20the%20academic%20profession (Routledge, 2001/2018 ), and four edited volumes (Special Issues) and over 50 articles in the field of comparative (higher) education. She has published a series of articles based on her longstanding research on transnational academic mobility/migration, knowledge and identity capital since 2008: e.g. Kim, T. (2017) Academic mobility, transnational identity capital, and stratification under conditions of academic capitalism, Higher Education (Springer journal) 73(6), pp. 981 – 997: Special Issue: The New Political Economy of Higher Education between distributional conflicts and discursive stratification, edited by Tobias Schulze-Cleven, Tilman Reitz, Jens Maesse and Johannes Angermuller.  She is currently writing a book: Intellectual Strangers in the Open Society Then and Now: a Comparative Analysis.

Many of her invited writings and talks have directly addressed future directions and related them to the needs of the relevant Governments, international agencies as well as the interests of civil society – e.g. OECD, UNESCO-UNEVOC, EMN (European Migration Network), Academia Europaea, UKCGE (UK Council for Graduate Education), Public Policy Exchange, University World News, QS Aim, Times Higher Education, The Conversation, etc.;
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Twitter: @kimterri