Visiting graduate students

Visiting graduate students

Visiting Graduate Students are usually doctoral students who are enrolled at a university outside the UK and who wish to use Oxford's resources to enhance their own research for a period of up to three terms.

Visiting Graduate Students
at St Antony's College
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Visiting Graduate Students
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Visiting Graduate Students at St Antony's College

St Antony's College accepts a small number of Visiting Graduate Students every year in areas of research related to the College’s specialist fields.

Visiting Graduate Students are not members of the University of Oxford, but do have an affiliation to a college and a department/faculty. Visiting Graduate Students at St Antony’s College come to do independent research with a College supervisor. The College supervisor is usually expected to be a Governing Body Fellow of St Antony’s College. The role of the College supervisor is to: 

  • Help Visiting Graduate Students become integrated into the College community and to get the most from their stay;
  • Be a point of contact for the Visiting Graduate Student during their stay in College;
  • Provide general advice about the Visiting Graduate Student’s research topic, usually meeting two or three times a term. However, as the Visiting Graduate Student comes to pursue independent research, they are expected to work independently without close supervision or systematic instruction.  

Visiting Graduate Students may use College facilities, University libraries and are welcome to attend College seminars/events and University lectures. Attendance at lectures described as seminars or classes or informal instruction is subject to the permission of the lecturer/course organiser; attendance at lectures given in a college building that is not at St Antony's College is subject to the permission of the host college.

Visiting Graduate Students do not matriculate, do not receive a degree from the University of Oxford and do not sit University exams, but may, on request, receive a certificate of attendance from St Antony's College.

Admissions process

Applicants who wish to be considered for a place as a Visiting Graduate Student at St Antony’s College must apply directly to the College. We recommend that you submit your application at least three months in advance of your proposed start date.

The process starts with the applicant contacting a potential supervisor to ask whether he/she would be willing to act as the applicant’s supervisor for the research to be undertaken as a Graduate Visiting Student. The supervisor will usually be a Governing Body Fellow of St Antony's College and should have similar academic interests to the applicant.

Once a supervisor has been found, the applicant must email the following materials to the College Registrar:

  • Your CV/resume
  • Details of your research (both at the currently enrolled university and the proposed research and supervisor at Oxford)
  • Two academic references, written in English
  • Transcript of previous higher education - if these are not in English then you must provide an English translation
  • Proof of English language competence - this is not required if you are from an English-speaking majority country as defined by the UK Border Agency or you have completed a degree taught and assessed entirely in English. Please see the University's Graduate Admissions Application Guide for details about the English language requirement or how to request a language waiver.

The application will then be reviewed by the Tutor for Admissions. If the Tutor for Admissions accepts the application, the applicant will be sent an official offer letter together with other necessary documentation to complete the admissions process.

Your application must be received by the College at least three months before the start of the term that you wish to start studying here. You may apply to be a Visiting Graduate Students at St Antony’s College for one, two or three consecutive terms although the College prefers students to be attached for three terms in order to maximise the benefit of the study period. Terms start in early October (Michaelmas term), early January (Hilary term) and late April (Trinity term).

Fees and costs

Visiting Graduate Students pay both a University tuition fee and a College fee. The fees are calculated on a termly basis and Visiting Graduate Students pay for each term that they will be studying at St Antony's College. The fees are the same regardless of your nationality or residence.

The University tuition fee is based on the subject area you will study. Tuition fee rates are available here.

The College fee for three terms is £3,021 in 2017/18 (pro-rata if you will study here for one or two terms).

Applicants should also budget for living costs. Please read the University's guidance on living costs.

Applicants are required to complete a financial declaration form to demonstrate that they have the funds available for both the fees and associated living costs for the duration of the Visiting Graduate Student period.

According to the University's regulations, Visiting Graduate Students are not eligible for any scholarships or prizes or other award of the University. We encourage you to seek funding from your home institution or from another funding organisation in your home country.

Student visa for international Visiting Graduate Students

If you are a national of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you do not need a visa to come to the UK to study.

Nationals of other countries will need immigration permission to study in the UK. Depending on the length of your stay, you can either apply for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa or a Student Visitor Visa. Please read the University's webpages on immigration carefully and make sure you apply for your visa in good time.

Study for a graduate or undergraduate course

If you want to receive a graduate degree from the University of Oxford and study for the full duration of a course, then you should not apply to be a Visiting Graduate Student. Instead, please follow the standard graduate application process. On this website you can find a list of courses offered at St Antony's College as well as information about how to apply.

It is possible for Visiting Students to join an undergraduate course in Oxford for up to a year. This option is not offered at St Antony's College. For more information please visit the University's Visiting Students webpage.