Antonian Events

Antonian Events

We are pleased to invite all Antonians to the forthcoming events, listed below. If you would like to RSVP for any of these events, please email the Development Officer or phone +44 (0) 1865 274 496.


15-17 September: Meeting Minds, Oxford Alumni Weekend (Oxford)

The 11th Annual Oxford Alumni Weekend, this year we will be holding events in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Middle East Centre at St Antony's College.

Highlights will include;

-Keynote Lecture: ‘The Age of Accelerations and Its Impact on the Middle East’ given by Tom Friedman (MPhil Middle Eastern Studies 1976),

-Panel Discussion: ‘A Celebration of Albert Hourani: Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age fifty years on’ chaired by Jens Hanssen (DPhil Modern History 1993),

-Reunion dinner in St Antony’s College Dining Hall

Further details to be announced shortly. For any questions or to register your interest, please contact:


SABC Alumni

Boat Club Dinner, Oxford: May 2017


 Amsterdam Dinner






Dinner, Amsterdam: March 2016