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Latest news

The Taiwan Studies Programme have issued a call for papers for its Annual Conference, the dealdine of which is 20th April 2014, please click the above link (Taiwan Studies Programme Annual Conference) for further information.

Charles Taylor will be giving a talk at St Antony's College on 13th May 2014 at 2pm entitled 'Religion as a Mpotive for Exclusion in Contemporary Western Democracies.' This event is sponsered by the Middle East Centre, the North American Programme, and the Dahrenfdorf Programme for the Study of Freedom. please click here for promotional poster.

Professor Arjun Appadurai, Goddard Professor of Medica, Culture, and Communication at New York University will be giving a Lecture at St Antony's College in the Nissan Lecture theatre at 5pm on Thursday 1st May 2014. The talk is entitled 'Bollywood in Mumbai's' Dreamscape' and is co-sponsored by the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography. Please click here for promotional poster.

Applications are being accepted for the Wai Seng Scholarship, the deadline is: 7th March 2014.

The Asian Studies Centre will be relocating from 2 Church Walk to St Antony's Main Building from Easter 2014

Dr Ming-Chin Monique Chu has announced that she willbe releaseing her new book, "The East Asian Computer Chip War," and to commemorate a book launch has been organised for 3rd March 2014. Please see:the Taiwan Studies Programme events page for further details.

Paul Irwin Crookes is co-editing a book entitled "The Impact of Technological Change on Taiwan-Chinese Relations" under contract with Palgrave as part of the St Antony's Series, due to be published later in 2014. The book will examine how the acceleration og technology-led upgrading shapes three key dimensions of the cross-Strait relationship:the overarching security context; the economic context; and the cultural context. This volume follows on from a successful international conference held at St Antony's College that explored these themes, made possible by funding from the Taiwan Studies Programme.


Michaelmas 2013

On Monday 30th September the Asian Studies Centre co-hosted with Oxford India Society a showing of the film 'Red Ant Dream'. This film which documents the struggles of tribal peoples and peasants in India was followed by a discussion with Sanjay Kak.

From 2nd September to 3rd October 2013, Professor Rosemary Foot shall be the "Dr Seaker Chan Visiting Scholar in Comparative Political Development" at Fudan University, Shanghai.



                                                                             Book Publications


Dr Ming-chin Monique Chu has recently published her first research monograph The East Asian Computer Chip War (Routledge, 2013). Find details at:

"The semiconductor industry is central to economic and military power and its migration from Taiwan to the mainland of China has complicated the China-Taiwan-United States security triangle. Using cases studies, sectoral studies, and more than 150 interviews, Monique Chu analyzes the impact of globalization on security with depth and rigor." – Adam Segal, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, U.S.A.

"Monique Chu is to be commended for her exhaustive efforts to shine a bright and rigorous academic light into an important but dimly understood corner of the nexus between economic, security, and technological dynamics in the China-Taiwan relationship and, ultimately, China’s quest for technological development. This study offers a wealth of insights gleaned from myriad interviews with policy makers and industry participants." – Tai Ming Cheung, University of California San Diego, U.S.A.


Professor Rosemary Foot's latest edited book China Across the Divide: the domestic and global in politics and society has just been published. Find details at: 

"Engagingly written with exceptional scholarship, China across the Divide offers rare and often surprising insights into the political battles that are shaping China's emergence as a global power. A true stand-out and a must-read."-Elizabeth C. Economy, C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director, Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

"This first-rate collection of essays is an important addition to the growing literature on China's impact on global politics and economics. Together the chapters make the case that rigorous scholarship about China's foreign policy needs to embrace the intended and unintended, linear and non-linear, highly endogenous relationships between China's domestic economic, political, and ideological development on the one hand and China's interaction with other nations, institutions, and non-state actors on the other. The book shows, too, the intellectual value of cross-disciplinary, historically informed research."-Alastair Iain Johnston, Harvard University"


Dr Faisal Devji has recently published a new book Muslim Zion: Pakistan as a Political Idea. Find details at

'Devji is arguably the most brilliant scholar of his generation writing today on South Asian history and global Islam. His explorations of the tensions inherent in the idea of Pakistan as a Muslim homeland, and the fascinating parallels he draws with Zionist and settler-colonial pasts, provide a new point of departure for the study of both Muslim and Dalit politics in British India. And his reflections on the failure of the category “minority” in decolonizing times will help us rethink the very idea of the political in the twentieth century. A thoughtful and courageous book.’ — Dipesh Chakrabarty, Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor, Department of History, University of Chicago