College policies and procedures

College policies and procedures

Equality, conduct and welfare

St Antony’s College is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all members of the College community are respected. Find out more about the work of our Equality and Diversity Committee.

All members of the St Antony's College community – whether students, Governing Body Fellows, staff, Senior Members, alumni or associates – have a role to play in supporting this aim, and in sustaining the highest ethical standards in all their interactions, whether virtual or physical.

The College values integrity, honesty and fairness and strives to integrate these values into its teaching and learning, research, and business and operational practices. The Code of Conduct applies to all those acting on behalf of the College or as a College member.

Code of Conduct

Code of Student Discipline

Policy & Procedure on Harassment

Complaints Policy & Procedure

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Equality & Diversity inclusion statement

Equality Policy

Equality Report 2018

Free Speech Statement

Anti Slavery Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

Fitness to Study

Information and Data Protection

How We Use Your Data

Data Protection Policy Statement

Information Security Policy


College Library Donations Policy

Information relating to the legislation and policies of the University of Oxford can be found on the main University website.

The Warden is the St Antony's College PREVENT lead.