Antonian Fund – Grants Awarded HT16

Fund – Academic Initiatives  

Name of the recipientProjectFundAmount Granted
Maria Elena Cavallaro‘Model transitions? Rethinking the “success story” of Southern European democratization’Academic Initiatives£550
Maria Luiza GattoDemocratization workshop, inter-regional (Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East)Academic Initiatives£500
Riccardo JaedeWolfson Research EventAcademic Initiatives£240
Solene van der WielenSt Antony’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference 2016Academic Initiatives£500
Xiaoyu LuThe Fifth Oxford Young Scholars Conference on Contemporary ChinaAcademic Initiatives£881
Alethea Osborne‘Repelling the 8th Amendment: Abortion Laws in Ireland’ – Academic Panel DiscussionAcademic Initiatives£620
Anna-Jorien PrinsOxford Coalition Against Slavery Awareness EventAcademic Initiatives£210
Adel HamaiziaMENA Trade and Economic Relations ConferenceAcademic Initiatives£500

Fund – Life at St Antony’s

Name of the recipientProjectFundAmount Granted
Barnaby WillisNew blinds in the ButteryLife at St Antony’s£1,355
Joseph CashSt Antony’s Squash ClubLife at St Antony’s£200
Samuel BensteadSt Antony’s Football ClubLife at St Antony’s£100
Marc WitteSt Antony’s Boat ClubLife at St Antony’s£917.19
Aron CruiseNew treadmill for the gymLife at St Antony’s£1,800

Fund – Travel and Research 

Name of the recipientAmount GrantedProject
William Allen£246.67Presenting at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting
Margherita Bellucci£270Presenting paper – Cornell Univ Romance Studies Conf
Andrea Bernini£260Presenting paper – Midwest Political Science Ass. Conf in chicago
Sarah Bevin£150Field work – Africa
Anton Bridge£200Field work – Japan
Quentin Bruneau£274Presenting a paper at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference in Atlanta, USA.
Sophie Chamas£373Presentating a paper at Graduate Conference of the Department of Middle Eastern,South Asian, and African Studies
Aikaterini (Katerina) Chatzikidi£595Participation in the 6th Portuguese Anthropological Conference
Joshua Cova£60Interviews for thesis: Taxation of Customs Union at the European Commission
Sally Crompton£250Field work in South Africa
Samira Damavandi£300Presentating a paper at  Graduate Conference of the Department of Middle Eastern,South Asian, and African Studies
Marco De Moraes Guarini£600Presenting a paper at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference in Atlanta, USA.
Natalia Doan£235Analysing journals and letters of 19th century American women
Alex Fullerton£258Field work – European Central Bank, Frankfurt
Emily Gong£200Field work in  Beijing
Padmini Gopal£281Participation – ‘India in International Relations’ – Warsaw
Marc Howard£200Fieldwork Zimbabwe
Xi Hu£150Presenting paper at the American Association of Geographers’ Annual Meeting
Eleanor Jeffreys£400Field work – Africa
Katarzyna Jezowska£230Presenting poster at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.
Asha Jibril£372.42Participation- Greece Study Programme
Zep Kalb£717Field work – Iran
Kholood Khair£600Field work – Sudan
Julian Kirchherr£750Field work – Thailand
Rouven Kunstmann£324Presenting at the 3rd Biennial Conference of African History in Germany
Phyllis Kyei Mensah£200Field work – Ghana
Lina Lee£238Presenting paper in Poland. India-south Korea Strategic Partnership
Gjovalin Macaj£600Presenting two papers at the International Studies Associations in Atlanta, Georgia.
Hewan Marye£350Field work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Pete Millwood£495Field work – Jimmy Carter Library Atlanta
Erin O’Halloran£350Present paper at conf at the National Univ of Ireland
Chinami Oka£650Field work: interviews in Japan
Varun Ramesh Balan£260Participation – ‘India in International Relations’ – Warsaw
Suwita Hani Randhawa£436.69Presenting a paper at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference in Atlanta, USA.
Dennell Reynolds£500Field work/interviews
Felipe Roa-Clavijo£400Fieldwork in Colombia
Cleopas Gabriel Sambo£600Field work – Zambia
Inga Storen£209Field work – pilot study in Rwanda
Lin Sun£500Presenting paper at annual conference of the Association for Asian Studies
Nancy Tapias Torrado£122Present a paper at Univ of York on Human Rights
Kelly Tse£400Presenting a paper – Amsterdam
Sarah Usher£600Presenting a paper at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference in Atlanta, USA.
Aaron Watanabe£400Presenting paper at Latin American Studies Association in New York
Thom Woodroofe£300Present paper at Islands of the World Conf – Seychelles
Julia Zulver£600Participation in Latin American Studies Congress, in NY City
Group application:  
Rachel Landry£219Geneva study trip
Angela Navarro Fusillo£219Geneva study trip
Matthew Clare£219Geneva study trip
Abby Francesca Lewis£219Geneva study trip
Ville Laakkonen£219Geneva study trip
Karla Tatiana Brofft Cervantes£219Geneva study trip
Emily Wayne£219Geneva study trip
Niyati Singh£219Geneva study trip
Katharine Weatherhead£219Geneva study trip

Fund – Writing-up Bursaries

Name of the recipientAmount GrantedProject
 Joe Hayns-Worthington £1,000 ‘The cultures and economics of massed tourism in Marrakech, Morocco’
 Dagmara Tchalakov £1,000 ‘Of two minds: cogniitive style and the origins of war and peace’
 Suwita Hani Randhawa £1,000 ‘Criminalisation in world politics: uncovering the historical construction of international crimes’