Antonian Fund – Grants Awarded TT15

Fund – Life at St Antony’s

Name of the recipientProjectFundAmount granted
Zaha KheirTravel costs for Wolfson ConferenceLife at St Antony’s£317
Jessie HronesovaSmall Gym EquipmentLife at St Antony’s£140
Olivia JohnsonGCR WelfareLife at St Antony’s£439
Lu XiaoyuInstitutionalisation of Graduate ConferenceLife at St Antony’s£100
Kevin PinkoskiInstallation of a Projector, Screen and Mic System in the Hilda BesseLife at St Antony’s 
Kevin PinkoskiSt Antony’s Freshers’ Week GCR eventsLife at St Antony’s 
Devony SchmidtDigital printing of a St Antony’s Flag for use by college societies and eventsLife at St Antony’s£77
Oliver TilbrookSt Antony’s GymLife at St Antony’s£1,000
Arran WalsheSt Antony’s Brewing SocietyLife at St Antony’s£250
Marc WitteEquipment for St Antony’s Boat ClubLife at St Antony’s£1,062

Fund – Writing-up bursaries

Name of the recipientFundAmount granted
Jean-Benoit Motte dit FalisseWriting-up Bursaries£1,000
Idriss JebariWriting-up Bursaries£1,000
Camilla MacdonaldWriting-up Bursaries£1,000

Fund – Travel Grants

Name of the recipientProjectFundAmount granted
Savka AndicPresenting a paper at University of Warwick – “Iran and the West: Converging Perspectives”Travel Grants£200
Junko AsanoFieldwork in Indonesia: “Lookinge at the social infrastructure of informal brokers in the transitional labour recruitment of femal migrant domestic workers”.Travel Grants£250
Kathrin Bachleitner     Archival research in Austrian State Archives in ViennaTravel Grants£550
Margherita BellucciFieldwork in Italy, USA and Great Britain to collect information on American and British reactions to the threat posed by the Italian Communist Party to European political stability during the first half of the 1970’s.Travel Grants£250
Lea BoergerdingConducting field research in Athens, GreeceTravel Grants£250
Frances BrownPresenting a doctoral project at the Bruno Kessler Foundation’s Center for Research on International Politics and Conflict Resolution Dissertation Workshop in Terzolas, Italy.Travel Grants£200
Eric-Th ChanFieldwork in Shenzhen to examine the role of built environment and social capital played in effecting individual’s travel behaviour and well-being – collection of qualitative and quantitative data.Travel Grants£400
Shun CheungArchival Research in ChinaTravel Grants£400
Chi-Hang ChiangFieldwork to collect data in the libraries in Hong Kong and ChinaTravel Grants£225
 Fieldwork in India on the transformations of the livelihoods of fishworkers in a context of modernisation and globalisationTravel Grants£250
Joanna DermanAn ethnographic study in Istanbul, Turkey of the emergence of argentine tango in the region.Travel Grants£250  
Arndt EmmerichPresenting a paper at the 9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Sicily.Travel Grants£200
Jean-Benoit Motte dit FalissePresenting at the European Conference on African Studies.Travel Grants£200
King FungPresenting a paper at the 4th Annual International Conference on Languagae, Literature and Linguistics.Travel Grants£200
Maria GattoPresenting a paper at the European Conference on Gender and Politics in Sweden.Travel Grants£160
Lauren HalesFieldwork in Beirut on public space and spatial segmentationTravel Grants£100
Sacha HepburnParticipating in the panel at the European Conference on African Studies in ParisTravel Grants£200
Samuel IwiladePresenting at the 6th European Conference on African Studies in ParisTravel Grants£200
Mukaddam KhaitovaFieldwork in UzbekistanTravel Grants£250
Julian KirchherrField research on the ex-ante resettlement impacts of dams at three different future construction sites in MyanmarTravel Grants£550
Gjovalin MacajPresenting a paper at a conference in The HagueTravel Grants£200
Franz MangPresenting at the International Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy, University of PaviaTravel Grants£200
Kaya NagayoArchive work and interviewing WWII Survivors in SakhalinTravel Grants£250
Nelson OppongPresenting a paper at the European Conference on African Studies 2015 in ParisTravel Grants£200
Alethea OsborneResearch in Amman regarding female menstruationTravel Grants£100
Carlos QuemboFieldwork to capture Frelimo eslite’s perceptions and which role they played on the decision making process of Operation Production 1983 – 88Travel Grants£550
Felipe Roa-ClavijoPresenting a paper at Transformations Conference 2015Travel Grants£200
Theodosia RossiEthnographic study of professors and students in the psychology and psychiatry departments of Egyptian UniversitiesTravel Grants£250
William Ryle-HodgesTuition in Modern Standard Arabic in Jordan with a view to being able to read sources and speak Arabic when conducting future researchTravel Grants£250
Abhijit SarkarConsultation of Primary Materials LondonTravel Grants£175
Regina SchoenbergerResearch looking at initiative run by Coca Cola in Lagos and AbujaTravel Grants£250
Sarah SmierciakPresenting a panel on “Domestic Actors and Trade” at the Bruno Kessler Foundation, ItalyTravel Grants£200
Lin SunArchival research and historical site visit in ChinaTravel Grants£550
Sara UsherPresentating a paper at ECPR Conference, MontrealTravel Grants£200
Joost van DeutekomAttending a Mandarin Language Course for Four weeks then moving to Beijing for four months of study at Peking University during which will carry out dissertation researchTravel Grants£250
Mitjo VaulasvirtaField Research on the effects of war memorialization on youth in post-conflict societies in Bosnia and HerzegovinaTravel Grants£200
Aaron WatanabeFieldwork in Lima, Peru investiaging (the absence of) support for populism during the last fifteen years through combined survey, forcus group and archival workTravel Grants£250
Grace WermenbolFieldwork in Israel and the Palestinian Areas to conduct primary research for DphilTravel Grants£550
Courtney WittekindFieldwork in Taunggyi, the Capital of Shan State in Myanmar (Burma)Travel Grants£250
Guanli ZhangPresentation at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, University of ExeterTravel Grants£200