Antonian Fund – Grants Awarded TT16

Fund – Academic Initiatives

Name of the recipient ProjectAmount Granted
 Maziyar Ghiabi ‘Drugs, Politics and Society in the Global South: A two-day symposium’ £900
 Eugene Rogan Video camera – to enable live-lineage of events between venues £1,954
 Oliver Owen ‘Researching Nigeria Day’ – Workshop £975
 Martyn Rush Oxford Middle East Review £435.50
 Sophie Chamas ‘Problematizing Feminist and Humanitarian Discourses on the Middle East’ – Panel discussion    £478
 Jennifer Gooden ‘Private Nature Conservation’ – Speaker series £2,000
 Daniel Hodgkinson ‘Student Activism Reconsidered’ – Workshop £1,000

Fund – Life at St Antony’s

 Name of the recipient Project Amount Granted   
 Joseph Cash Squash Club £167
 Porey Lin Gardening Society £200
 Matthew Clare Buttery sound system extension                                                 £258.97
 Azfar bin Anwar Music equipment for events £239
 Robin Madden St Antony’s Football Club £310.98
Marc Witte St Antony’s Boat Club£2,000

Fund – Travel and Research

Name of recipientProjectAmount Granted
Kwaku Abrefa BusiaFieldwork in Ghana£250.00
Shahnawaz Ali RaihanPresenting at SASNET conference in Lund£500.00
Ozsel BeleliPresenting at APSA conference in Philadelphia£250.00
Elena BerniniFieldwork in Vietnam£500.00
Nicholas BlanchetteFieldwork in USA£400.00
Debasmita BoralFieldwork in India£500.00
Briana BowenFieldwork in Russia£150.00
Emre CaliskanFieldwork in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa£600.00
Netta CohenFieldwork in Israel£325.00
Aron CruiseFieldwork & language course in Amman£500.00
Onaiza DrabuFieldwork in Kashmir£250.00
Gail EddyFieldwork placement in the Cabinet Office£250.00
Dani EdgarResearch in Peking£500.00
Alexander EdufulFieldwork in Ghana£180.00
Helena Ferreira Santos LopesPresenting at a conference in Adelaide£500.00
Adel HamaiziaPresenting at a conference in Shanghai£480.00
Andrew HammondPresenting at MEHAT conference in Chicago£340.00
Persia HayleyDeveloping an online research project at CESS£500.00
Sacha HepburnPresenting at ASA conference in Cambridge£200.00
Tilman HisarliFieldwork for mandatory placement in London£250.00
Anneloes HoffFieldwork in Colombia£600.00
Qin HuangFieldwork in China£500.00
Lolakhon JabbarovaFieldwork for mandatory placement in London£250.00
Zep KalbPresenting a paper at Brighton£78.90
Anna LazzarinFieldwork in India£373.00
Silja LehtinenFieldwork in Thailand£500.00
Pete MillwoodPresenting at BIHG conference in Edinburgh£195.00
Rebecca MitchellFieldwork in Africa£250.00
Densua MumfordFieldwork in Ethiopia and Zambia£350.00
Victoria MwirichiaFieldwork for mandatory placement in London£250.00
Asuka OhagiFieldwork in Japan£250.00
Oluremi OnabanjoFieldwork in Belgium£250.00
Ryan PowellFieldwork in Tanzania£500.00
My RafstedtFieldwork in Peru£500.00
Anna-Maria RamezanzadehPresenting Research at a Conference in Michigan£500.00
Jonathan RaspeFieldwork in Russia£250.00
Felipe Roa-ClavijoPresentation and course at STEPS centre at Sussex£200.00
Theodosia RossiPresenting at MEHAT conference in Chicago£350.00
Ashraf SabkhaFieldwork with the World Bank in Washington DC£250.00
Gilbert SanjayaFieldwork in Indonesia£500.00
Dylan ShaulPresenting at an International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in London£101.00
Maggie SloanFieldwork in the USA£250.00
Nelson SoFieldwork in Taipei and Tokyo£500.00
Grzegorz StecPresenting at International Asian Congress in Poland£250.00
Kerem TinazPresenting at a conference at SOAS£450.00
Jingwen TongFieldwork for mandatory placement in London£250.00
Kelly TsePresenting research at IWL Harvard Summer School£500.00
Sasha WardParticipating in a Hebrew ulpan during fieldwork£250.00
Aneeqa WattooFieldwork in Pakistan£500.00
Barnaby WillisResearch in Paris£500.00
Hilary WongFieldwork in Ghana£400.00
Thom WoodroofeFieldwork in Dominica£500.00
Yi YangFieldwork whilst Visiting Fellow at Harvard£552.00
Alexa ZeitzPresenting at a workshop at EUI in Florence£261.90