Cashless Hall & Upay

Cashless Hall & Upay

Dining Hall Food and Drink Charging

The way in which the College charges for food and drink in the Hall is changing from 2nd January 2023. 

This change is taking place in order that the College can be sure we are correctly complying with the rules around Value Added Tax (VAT) on food and drink purchased in Hall.

From 9th January, all College members must present their University Card at the till in order to benefit from member prices.

St Antony’s College students will continue to receive a 33% discount on their meals purchased in Hall and their VAT exemption, but they must charge items they buy to their UPAY account using their University Card at the till in order to obtain the discount and the VAT exemption that applies.

All other College members can continue to charge their meals to their allowance, battels or budget code providing that they present their University Card at the till and VAT will not apply to those charges with the exception of alcohol charged to Battels which is always charged at 20% VAT.

Any College member who is unable to present their University card at the till when making payment must pay using a debit or credit card and as a result they will be charged non-member prices (with VAT applied where relevant to each item purchased).

It is recommended that College Members keep a photo of their University card on their phone in case they misplace or forget their University card so that they can continue to enjoy College member prices.

There are no increases in prices as a result of this change, but the menu options have changed slightly in order to simplify the process.  A full list of prices for the menu options available can be found on the College website here

If you have any questions please contact either the College Steward or Accounts Team.

Cashless Payments

St Antony's operates on a cashless system, which replaces cash as a means of paying for meals through the Servery in Hall.

Please proceed to the Upay website to put money into your account.

College members will need to bring their University Card with them when taking lunch or dinner through the Servery in Hall, members will be able to pay for their and their guests' meals using their University Card.

Cash will not be accepted as payment, either the University Card or a credit/debit card must be used. In order to claim the student rate, students must pay using their University Card. All payments made by credit/debit card will attract VAT.


The Upay system enables you to make a one-off top-up of £10, £25, £50, £100 or £200 at any time. You may set up an e-mail reminder to remind you when your Upay balance falls below £5, £10, £15 or £20.

If you prefer, you can set up an 'auto top-up' to automatically transfer money from your bank account to your Upay account when your Upay balance falls below £5, £10, £15 or £20.

You can view your current balance, as a 'mini-statement' or a 'detailed statement'. You can set up Upay to e-mail you detailed statements automatically.

UPay top-up

To top-up please click this link to log in to UPAY  


Alternatively, you can login here tooUPAY

You will need to choose 'SINGLE SIGN ON > SIGN IN'

UPAY login page details

(Please note this is known not to work with the Safari browser)


What will happen at the Servery?

The till operator will swipe your University Card through a reader and then will enter the items purchased into the till.


What happens if my University Card is lost, damaged or stolen?

No money is actually stored on the University Card - rather it is used as an identifier that allows the till to deduct an amount from the balance in your Upay account. If the card is lost or stolen, you should mark your card as lost in the 'My Account Details' tab of the Upay website.  This will prevent anyone else from using your card at the Servery. You should also report the loss to the Registrar's Office


What about new members from overseas, who don’t yet have UK bank accounts?

New members will be allowed to go into credit for their first two weeks here, in order to give them time to set up a UK bank account.



Conference Guests are provided with meal tokens in order to go through the servery, these are available as 2/3 courses, depending upon the instructions given by the organisers (this will be clearly marked on the meal tokens).

For all meals which need to be charged to an allowance or to a budget code please contact the Conference Office in the first instance ( Guests may also have the option of paying by credit / debit card.


Further Queries?

If you have any queries about these changes, please get in touch with the Domestic Bursar (