DAC Scholarship

A new initiative at St Antony’s to support students from the Global South.

At the end of the 2023 admissions round, there were 35 candidates who had undertaken their first degree at a University in a Development Assistance Country (DAC), as defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, had been offered places on one-year (MSc) Master’s courses at the College. They were, however, unable to take up those places due to a lack of funding.

A door that those students had, against the odds, opened by their own merit, had been closed – for purely financial reasons – before they could go through it.

We know that this is not the first year that this has happened and we know that it also applies to students doing two-year (MPhil) and even doctoral (DPhil) programmes, but it is the first time we have actively collected data to show the scale of the problem. This is thanks to an initiative led by three previous student GCR executives. They spotlighted the need for the College to tackle this issue if it was genuinely going to state that it takes the best students from across the world, regardless of their financial situation.

St Antony’s DAC Scholarship

We are delighted that the Governing Body has made it a priority for the College to raise money for those students who did their undergraduate degree in a DAC country. To show its commitment to the Scholarship, it has ring-fenced the income from a recently received unrestricted endowment of £1.3 million to fund students on the scheme for at least the next ten years.

Samira and Debayan are the first two DAC scholars and their testimonials can be found here and here

I am grateful to the sponsors of the scholarship and St. Antony’s College for such a life-altering opportunity

Samira Ibn Moro, DAC Scholar 2022

How can you help?

We want the DAC Scholarship to be available to all graduate students (MSc, MPhil, or DPhil) who have the ambition to apply to Oxford and St Antony’s and the extraordinary talent to get accepted at a time when there are over six eligible applicants for each graduate place. We appeal to the St Antony’s community, many of whom were supported in their own studies by others, to help guarantee that such students are able to take up the opportunities that they have earned.

The DAC Scholarship is the number one funding priority of St Antony’s. Our goal is that the scholarship will cover Living Costs (£21,060 for 12 months in 2022/23 as calculated by the University) and Fees up to a value of £30,330 (set by Departments and Faculties) with a maximum value of £51,395. It will be available for any degree or course (except for the MBA and MPP) offered at St Antony’s. Our ambition is to raise £3 million within three years and create a permanent endowment from which the DAC scholarship will be offered.

Make a gift

Gifts can be made through the University of Oxford website.

Your gift can often be enhanced by a variety of tax breaks for charitable action.

Our donors from Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland, can make tax-efficient donations.  For more information, please follow this link

The 90s DAC Scholarship

In 2023, we are inviting the 90s generation of Antonians to leave a lasting impact on the College and future students from the Global South by creating a collectively-endowed scholarship. 

The target is to raise £1 million for the endowment which will allow the College to offer a DAC Scholarship in perpetuity covering all academic fees, accommodation and other living costs.

Read more about the 90s DAC Scholarship fund.