Student enrolment at St Antony’s opens on 19th September for all new students and takes place in the Dahrendorf Room which is in the Founder’s Building (number 5 on the map) until 6th October. Enrolment then moves to the Gateway Building offices (number 4 on the map) until 13th October.

All students have been sent a Quick Guide to enrolment. You can find the additional Enrolment Guide Notes here which includes more detailed information.

If you have any problems then you can email enrolment@sant.ox.ac.uk. Please bear in mind that the Academic Office Team will be very busy during student enrolment, but we will respond to your query as soon as we can. You are also welcome to drop in to any of the enrolment sessions in College to ask for advice. Enrolment session times are in the table below.

Please do not send documents by email. Use the documents upload form to send us any documents securely (details are found in the Enrolment Notes).

Make sure that you have completed all the necessary steps in the guide before you attend an enrolment session. It will cause delays if we have to ask you to add further information. Once you have let us know that you are ready to enrol, please wait for us to reply to invite you to an enrolment session – you can then come to collect your University card. You will not be offered an appointment for a specific date or time but will be invited to attend any available sessions from the date that you are notified that you are ready to enrol.

Please note that student enrolment closes on Friday 13th October and you must enrol before this date.

Week CommencingMonTuesWedsThursFri
18th SeptemberNo Enrolment10.00-12.00 No Enrolment10.00-12.00 No Enrolment
Dahrendorf Room13.30-15.30 13.30-15.30
25th September10.00-12.0010.00-12.00No Enrolment10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00
Dahrendorf Room13.30-15.3013.30-15.3013.30-15.3013.30-15.30
 Late session: 17.00-18.00 Late session: 17.00-18.00  
2nd October 10.00-12.0010.00-12.00College Induction
Day – No Enrolment
Dahrendorf Room 13.30-15.3013.30-15.30 13.30-15.30 13.30-16.30
 Late session: 17.00-18.00   
9th October10.00-12.00 10.00-12.0010.00-12.00 10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00
Gateway Offices13.30-15.3013.30-15.3013.30-15.30 13.30-15.30 13.30-15.30