Bob Trimmer (1946-2020)

Robert ‘Bob’ Trimmer, a former student of St Antony’s (MLitt Social Anthropology, 1985) recently passed away having lived a remarkable life of research, writing until the very end. He was 74. 

Mr Trimmer had started life as an engineer, but aged 34 undertook a MSc in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics, before continuing onto an MLitt at St Antony’s, working at the African Studies Centre. His thesis was on the Dinka of South Sudan, with a working title of ‘Divinity and Experience.’ At the College, he had been active in the Boat Club. 

Mr Trimmer travelled widely afterwards, writing on politics and current affairs in the Far East, becoming a trustee of Highgate Cemetery. 

He received a humanist ceremony near Hull. His brother read the poem The World’s a stage by Hilaire Belloc:

The world’s a stage. The trifling entrance fee
Is paid (by proxy) to the registrar.
The Orchestra is very loud and free
But plays no music in particular.
They do not print a programme, that I know.
The cast is large. There isn’t any plot.
The acting of the piece is far below
The very worst of modernistic rot.

The only part about it I enjoy
Is what was called in English the Foyay.
There will I stand apart awhile and toy
With thought, and set my cigarette alight;
And then — without returning to the play —
On with my coat and out into the night.​