Dr Nadia Diuk (1954-2019)

Dr Nadia Diuk (DPhil History, 1986) passed away on 23 January, 2019, at the age of 64. Dr Diuk wrote her thesis at St Antony’s on Ukrainian culture and political theory. She went on to have a distinguished career in the field, and the day before her death was awarded The Order of Princess Olga, a Ukrainian state honour. 

The National Endowment for Democracy, for which Dr Diuk was a Senior Advisor, reported: ‘A historian by training, Nadia’s work was informed by her deep knowledge and research about the diverse peoples of the Soviet Union and the “Captive Nations.”  She co-authored two books, the Hidden Nations (1990)and New Nations Rising (1992)detailing the struggles of these populations for freedom and self-determination.  In 2012, she authored a third book, The Next Generation in Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan.’

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