Fay Elliott 1935-2020

Fay Elliott, née Brand, died peacefully at her home in Bermuda on 29 July 2020. She and her husband Geoffrey have since 1991 been friends and generous supporters of St Antony’s College and its Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre.

Born in January 1935 to a tight knit and loving Cardiff family, Fay was evacuated to a remote hill village after their house was bombed. She eventually returned home to pick up her life and from the Roman Catholic Heathfied House School, Fay found her way to London, the photographic studio of Lottie Meitner Graf, and a job at Country Life. It was in London she met Geoffrey, married, and had two fine children and two grandchildren.

For nearly 60 years together, Fay and Geoffrey moved from continent to continent, house to house, as he went from job to job. She never faltered in her support, her care for her family, even finding time in New York to take an Art History degree. From their final home of nearly 40 years in Bermuda, Fay immersed herself in Oxford and St Antony’s, London, and New York in arts-related and intellectual philanthropy and architectural and family research.