Professor Keith Robbins (1940-2019)

Professor Keith Robbins passed away in September, 2019. He was 79. Following a distinguished career in History, Professor Robbins was Senior Vice Chancellor of the University of Wales, 1995-2001, and published numerous books on post-war history which became standard texts on their topics. 

The University of Wales said:

‘The University community is saddened to learn of the death of Professor Keith Robbins.’

Dr Jeremy Smith, Assistant Dean of the Institute of Education and Humanities and Historian said:”Professor Robbins will be remembered as a longstanding and eminent Vice-Chancellor of Lampeter, a man of great charm and standing, and a renowned historian of modern British history. His Knowledge of the past was authoritative and broad, and spanned five decades ranging from a study of the events at Munich through to a History of Oxford University in the 1970s and 80s.’

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