Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship

Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship

Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship 2019-20

Applications are invited for the Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship at the Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre (RESC), St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, for the academic year 2019/20. The holder is expected to engage in research, criticism, editing, translation, preparation of a thesis for publication, or other forms of literary scholarship,broadly defined, which will embrace themes on literature, culture, and society in Russia and/or Eurasia.

Applicants should have completed a doctorate at the time of application, have an advanced knowledge of literature, culture or society in Russia/Eurasia, and have demonstrated research excellence in a discipline relevant to the study of literature, culture or society. The Fellow will pursue and present her/his own interest in the context of the academic life of RESC and the College. A good working knowledge of English is essential.

The fellowship is awarded for three terms from 14 October 2019 until 20 June 2020. It carries an expenses allowance of £18,000, plus other College entitlements. The Fellow is expected to reside in Oxford, to take an active part in the academic life of RESC and the College, and to convene one of the termly series of seminars organized by RESC on some aspect of culture or society, to be agreed with the Director of the Centre.

For Further Details and instructions on how to apply, please see: 

The closing date for applications is midnight on Friday 22 February 2019.

Current holder (2019-20): Maria Chehonadskih

Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship - Former Holders

Raymond Cooke            1984-85           Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis entitled ‘The poetic world of Velimir Khlebnikov: an interpretation’

Andrzej Drawicz*       March 1985      Revised edition of Soviet Literature 1917-1967: Russian Writers  (* Dr Drawicz was elected to the Fellowship for a year in December 1981 but was subsequently interned in Poland). 

Riitta Pittman               1986-87           Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Mikhail Bulgakov: the theme of evil in Master i Margarita

Stanley Rabinowitz     1989-1990      A study of turn-of-the-century Russian literary journals and their role in the emergence of Symbolism

Rosamund Bartlett     1993                Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Wagner and Russia: a study of the influence of Wagner's music and ideas on the artistic and cultural life of Russia and the Soviet Union, 1841-1941’

Craig Brandist             1994-1995       A study of the carnivalesque elements in the prose works of late 1920s and early 1930s Soviet literature

Svetlana Carsten         1996-1997       Completion of thesis on ‘The generation of the 1960s in Soviet literature’ and preparation for publication

Barbara Henry              1998-1999        Anti-semitism and anti-theatricality: Yiddish theatre in turn-of-the-century Russia

Rachel Clogg                2000-2001       Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Abkhazian cultural identity in the twentieth century: the case of Fazil' Iskander’.

Polly Jones                    2003                 Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Strategies of de-mythologisation in post-Stalinism and post-Communism: a comparison of de-Stalinisation and de-Leninisation’

Polly McMichael           2004-2005       Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Rock music in Leningrad, 1972-1987’

Elena Katz                      2006-2007       Preparation for publication of manuscript , ‘Neither with Them, Nor without Them. Russian Writers and the Jew at the Age of Realism’.

Stephanie Solywoda       2008-2009       Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis, Internal Visions, External Changes: Russian Religious Philosophy from 1905-1940.                                                                        

Oliver Ready                   2010-2011        Work on monograph on 1990s prose-writers, for Peter Lang monograph series Russian Transformations: Literature, Culture and Ideas                                                                  

Uilleam Blacker              2013-2014        Preparation of monograph entitled Ghosts of Others: Urban Postmemory in Russia and  Eastern Europe.

Claire Knight                  2016-2017         Preparation of monograph Stalin’s Final Films: Soviet Cinema and Stalinism After the War, 1945-53