Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship

Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship

Current holder (2019-21): Maria Chehonadskih

NB Dr Chehonadskih's tenure of the Visiting Fellowship has been extended to June 2021

Max Hayward Visiting Fellowship - Former Holders

Raymond Cooke            1984-85           Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis entitled ‘The poetic world of Velimir Khlebnikov: an interpretation’

Andrzej Drawicz*       March 1985      Revised edition of Soviet Literature 1917-1967: Russian Writers  (* Dr Drawicz was elected to the Fellowship for a year in December 1981 but was subsequently interned in Poland). 

Riitta Pittman               1986-87           Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Mikhail Bulgakov: the theme of evil in Master i Margarita

Stanley Rabinowitz     1989-1990      A study of turn-of-the-century Russian literary journals and their role in the emergence of Symbolism

Rosamund Bartlett     1993                Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Wagner and Russia: a study of the influence of Wagner's music and ideas on the artistic and cultural life of Russia and the Soviet Union, 1841-1941’

Craig Brandist             1994-1995       A study of the carnivalesque elements in the prose works of late 1920s and early 1930s Soviet literature

Svetlana Carsten         1996-1997       Completion of thesis on ‘The generation of the 1960s in Soviet literature’ and preparation for publication

Barbara Henry              1998-1999        Anti-semitism and anti-theatricality: Yiddish theatre in turn-of-the-century Russia

Rachel Clogg                2000-2001       Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Abkhazian cultural identity in the twentieth century: the case of Fazil' Iskander’.

Polly Jones                    2003                 Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Strategies of de-mythologisation in post-Stalinism and post-Communism: a comparison of de-Stalinisation and de-Leninisation’

Polly McMichael           2004-2005       Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis on ‘Rock music in Leningrad, 1972-1987’

Elena Katz                      2006-2007       Preparation for publication of manuscript , ‘Neither with Them, Nor without Them. Russian Writers and the Jew at the Age of Realism’.

Stephanie Solywoda       2008-2009       Preparation for publication of doctoral thesis, Internal Visions, External Changes: Russian Religious Philosophy from 1905-1940.                                                                        

Oliver Ready                   2010-2011        Work on monograph on 1990s prose-writers, for Peter Lang monograph series Russian Transformations: Literature, Culture and Ideas                                                                  

Uilleam Blacker              2013-2014        Preparation of monograph entitled Ghosts of Others: Urban Postmemory in Russia and  Eastern Europe.

Claire Knight                  2016-2017         Preparation of monograph Stalin’s Final Films: Soviet Cinema and Stalinism After the War, 1945-53