British Academy Knowledge Frontiers funding for Governing Body Fellow

Professor Leigh Payne has been awarded funding by the British Academy as part of the Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research programme.

The programme is designed to fund projects that bring together innovative, interdisciplinary, and international ideas from across the humanities and social sciences to offer valuable insights and perspectives of relevance to the questions of global (dis)order.

Professor Leigh Payne is the Principal Investigator on the project ‘The Rise of the Right-Against-Rights and Global (Dis)Order in Latin America and Beyond‘. By combining history, law, sociology, gender, and area studies, it broadens knowledge of, and develops strategies to reduce, the right-against-rights’ threat of disorder on fragile democracies in Latin America and beyond. The project is conducted in collaboration with Dr Sandra Botero (Universidad del Rosario), Dr Simón Escoffier (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), and Dr Gabriel Pereira (Universidad Nacional de Tucumán/CONICET).

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