OxBikes Depot at St Antony’s

St Antony’s is now an Oxbikes Depot, making it easier than ever for you to either rent or buy a pre-loved bike.

Oxbikes is a student-run company that provides reasonably priced second-hand bicycles for rental and sale to students, whilst also reducing the University’s bike wastage. Bikes are sourced locally then repaired and serviced in their workshop to be rented or purchased with instant pickup from one of their depots.

What is the Oxbikes depot at St Antony’s?

Oxbikes is partnering with St Antony’s to provide a group of bikes that will be situated beside the Porter’s Lodge. These bikes can be bought or rented quickly and easily through the website (oxbikes.com) and picked up 24/7 from the College, with a unique access code.

For those needing a new set of wheels, this is the most convenient place to get them. It is also perfect for visiting family or friends to get around Oxford, and bikes can be rented for as little as £3.50 for a day and £33.99 for a whole term.

How does the bike management scheme work?

All bikes stored at the College will be registered on the Oxbikes website; this only takes a minute and can be done here: oxbikes.co.uk/registerbike. When the bike cull comes around after Trinity Term, all bikes with a colour corresponding to a graduation date before the cull will be removed – after owners have been contacted using the details they provided on the website.

How is this good for the environment?

Instead of sending all the culled bicycles away, an Oxbikes mechanic will go through them and fix them up until they are perfect to ride again. This prevents the emissions associated with the removal of bikes, in addition to reusing what is often a perfectly good bicycle.

Oxbikes is able to offer a great price for students and also to buy bikes back again when you leave, reducing wastage and unnecessary emissions.  

Find out more on the OxBikes website

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