Pride Month – Sociology DPhil Research Spotlight

Scarlett Ng speaks at the Queer Asia Film Festival 2022, which she co-directed.

To celebrate Pride Month the Sociology Department has shared some of the amazing LGBTQ+ research undertaken by their staff and students, including three St Antony’s DPhil students.

See Pok Loa’s research looks at how social class shapes intimacy in gay relationships. He studied social class and intimacy by interviewing gay men in Hong Kong, and his work has been published in The Sociological Review. Read more about his work.

Emma Pritchard’s research explores how LGBTQ+ accounts of human rights abuses are told in the Colombian Truth Commission – the first Truth Commission to specifically recognise LGBTQ+ voices. Read more about her work.

Scarlett Ng explores how migration intersects with sexuality. Read more about her research into the experiences of queer women from the Chinese one-child generation who have migrated to the UK.

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