Professor Carol Leonard – new co-authored book on Russian Revolution

“The way in which the Russian Revolution of October 1917 is regarded and commemorated has changed considerably over time, and is a contentious subject, well demonstrated by the absence of any official commemoration in Russia in 2017, a huge contrast to the very large celebrations which took place in Soviet times” 

Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre Emeritus Professor Carol Leonard contributes two co-authored articles to a forthcoming Routledge publication, The Russian Revolution of 1917 – Memory and Legacy. Professor Leonard is also on the editorial board of the book, which is published in July. The two articles are:

Railroads and Strikes in Russia, 1894–1904: Revolution in Times of Railroad Building by Carol S. Leonard, Zafar Nazarov, Leonid Borodkin, Roman Konchakov and Maria Karpenko

Governing Revolution in Russia in 1917 and in the 1990s: Comparative Political Economy by Vladimir Mau and Carol Leonard

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