St Antony’s student awarded Terence Ranger Prize for an Outstanding Dissertation

We are proud to announce that St Antony’s student Fabian LeFievre was awarded the MSc African Studies Terence Ranger Prize 2022-23 for an Outstanding Dissertation.

Before coming to Oxford in 2022, Fabian completed a BSc in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from University College London and a Master in Management from ESSEC Business School.

In his dissertation, he examined how artistic and cultural creation can shape postcolonial identities and societies on the continent, and make up the imageries and discourses from which the perceptions of contemporary Africa emanate. 

Fabian said of his time in Oxford: 

Oxford is a very special place. Dedicating nine months towards completing the MSc in African Studies was a truly humbling, unique, and empowering opportunity. In particular, the African Studies Department opened a conducive space for teaching and learning, but also for interrogating, subverting, and enhancing my ability to critically approach reading, researching, and writing. Encouraging a more reflective engagement with academic paradigms, this degree fostered a demanding yet vibrant collective environment. All in all, this MSc in African Studies affirmed that academia, when approached with humility, nuance, collaboration, and ambition, is a truly exciting, enjoyable, and metamorphic adventure.

The college’s support throughout the academic year truly enriched and facilitated my time in Oxford.

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