Dr Alex Pravda

Emeritus Fellow


Dr Alex Pravda received his doctorate as a student of St Antony’s in 1972 and returned to the College as a Fellow of the then Russian and East European Centre in 1989. He was elected to an Emeritus Fellowship at St Antony’s in October 2012.

He was Senior Research Fellow and head of the Soviet Foreign Policy Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) from 1986 to 1989 and before that Lecturer in Politics (from 1973) at Reading University. He has been a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Michigan and Stanford and acted as Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

Dr Pravda’s research focuses especially on Soviet and post-Soviet Russian foreign policy; he also has an interest in the international dimensions of East European politics.

Publications: His publications include Reform and Change in the Czechoslovak Political System: January-August 1968 (1973), Ideology and Soviet Politics (co-editor and co-author, 1988),Soviet-British Relations since the 1970s (co-editor and co-author, 1990), Perestroika: Soviet Domestic and Foreign Policies (co-editor and co-author, 1990), The End of the Outer Empire(editor and co-author, 1994), Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy (co-author, 1996), Developments in Russian Politics (co-editor and co-author, 1997, 2001), Democratic Consolidation in Eastern Europe: International and Transnational Factors (co-editor and co-author, 2001), and Leading Russia: Putin in Perspective. Essays in Honour of Archie Brown(editor and co-author, 2005).